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+ - Why is OpenDNS redirecting Google?

Submitted by bradt
bradt (682447) writes "Yesterday, a friend suggested that I check out as a way to "speed up" my internet connection... I did a few DNS lookups with dig to see if they were faster than my ISP, and discovered that OpenDNS is redirecting to their domain! It seems that this issue has been going on for at least a month, and has been discussed in the OpenDNS Forum and in Google Groups as well."

+ - Poland: Held by police for translating movies

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michuk writes "Nine people involved in a community portal were held for questioning by the Polish police forces this Wednesday. They will be probably accused of publishing illegal translations of foreign movies (which is forbidden by Polish copyright law). website was shut down immediately afterwards by the German forces (since the servers were located in Germany). The service was the most popular Polish on-line portal where users were free to submit translated subtitles for popular movies."
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Experts Now Say JFK Bullet Analysis Was Wrong 550

Posted by Zonk
from the just-ask-oliver-stone dept.
Spy Handler writes "Researchers analyzing bullet fragments from the 1963 Kennedy assassination using new techniques say that the government's 1976 conclusion that the bullets came from only one gun (Oswald's) is wrong. 'Using new guidelines set forth by the National Academy of Sciences for proper bullet analysis, Tobin and his colleagues at Texas A&M re-analyzed the bullet evidence used by the 1976 House Select Committee on Assassinations, which concluded that only one shooter, Oswald, fired the shots that killed Kennedy in Dallas. The committee's finding was based in part on the research of now-deceased University of California at Irvine chemist Vincent P. Guinn. He used bullet lead analysis to conclude that the five bullet fragments recovered from the Kennedy assassination scene came from just two bullets, which were traced to the same batch of bullets Oswald owned.'"

+ - Open Source Helps Missing Girl

Submitted by Cris
Cris (666) writes "An on line community has gathered around, a site dedicated to join efforts to help find misseed 4 y.o. Madeleine Mccann.

The aim of this 'wikipedia' like is to propose tasks that eventually would be performed by someone able to do it.

The site administrators encourage the use of open source software to accomplish this. For instance, they propose Gimp for image editing of Maddie pictures and Blender for 3D models creation.

Not to forget, also, that the site infrastructure is provided by the well known MediaWiki framework.

Further developments regarding open source contribution in this field are expected soon."

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