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Comment: in further developments ... (Score 1) 597

by weighn (#27071537) Attached to: Calif. Politican Thinks Blurred Online Maps Would Deter Terrorists
Watch this space as some lilly-livered nanny-lovers suggest that manufacturers produce a unique tread on every shoe and tyre, speed limiters on every vehicle and RFID chips in every serving of fast food coupled with a scanner in every toilet bowl. Then maybe we can finally feel safe!

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Google Maps has denied allegations that their satellites are equipped with frikken terrorist-zapping lasers which are armed and ready to activate given the appropriate legislative amendments.

The Mongrel News has more -

Comment: Re:windows, meh (Score 1) 1127

by weighn (#26883367) Attached to: Draconian DRM Revealed In Windows 7

*Getting the card to work is simple! [even an idiot could do it]. Just grab the source code for the module and compile it against the kernel. insmod it and then use iwconfig to configure a WEP password ... *from ubuntu pocket guide

Really, you MS zealots crack me up - do you have a programmed function to paste this crap in each time someone mentions how fscking GOOD linux is now?

Comment: Re:windows, meh (Score 1) 1127

by weighn (#26883341) Attached to: Draconian DRM Revealed In Windows 7
+ 5 Funny (preaching to the converted)

ditto your experience ...

when I read the title of this post, the parallel universe version of me (which is STILL using XP) went, "Windows 7 DRM? Hmm, does that mean I can't get the free *cough* upgrade from my unlicensed install of Win XP?"

tell your boss - Windows is dead an an OS (until in desperation they make it $0 (but still closed). Get out while you can ...

Comment: Re:Who cares how much it costs... (Score 1) 183

by weighn (#26809791) Attached to: Fly Me To Which Moon?

Just call it "stimulus" and us yanks will just print some more money for it. :/

There's nothing wrong in this economic environment with printing money.

Inflation and interest rates can easily get out of hand if we get to, erm, stimulated.

credit crises (now) > cash crises (after govt goes into deficit) > print money > inflation/high int rates ... if we add further job cuts into the mix at this stage the cycle renews > more foreclosures > housing slump, food prices spiralling.

printing money is the prescription under the old rules, but ...

Comment: Re:There is too much money in Windows (Score 1) 555

by weighn (#26731047) Attached to: Why Windows Must (and Will) Go Open Source

...last I heard, Microsoft made something like 1/3 of their revenue from Windows...

bizarre if true - they pay HOW MUCH for an OS?
Office Jerks (.au) currently lists Vista Business for $417 full / $360 upgrade

I reckon there is some merit in TFA. We're in a cost-cutting part of the economic cycle. Even pointy-haired bosses can see that paying for an OS just doesn't make sense.

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