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Comment: Re:Whatever happened to Id Software? (Score 3, Funny) 20

by vux984 (#48274031) Attached to: Getting 'Showdown' To 90 FPS In UE4 On Oculus Rift

Whatever happened to Id Software?

The graphics engine programmer from ID, John Carmack, works for Oculus Rift. It was kind of newsworthy around here.

So if you think they should source programming talent from Id... your a bit late to the party. Unless you think they really need John Romero too... ?

Comment: Re:Not brave to declare after you've become CEO (Score 1) 609

by gnasher719 (#48273961) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"
Nobody claimed that Tim Cook was brave (except some who didn't think it through). He didn't come out to show that he is brave. He came out to demonstrate to lots of gay people who are not in his position that you can be gay and become CEO of one of the worlds biggest companies, in order to improve their outlook to life.

Comment: Re:Silly (Score 1) 609

by vux984 (#48273169) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

Your claim that this is not an isolated event is also an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence.

LMAO. Whatever... let me google that for you; here you go...

In 2011, the FBI reported 1,572 hate crime victims targeted based on a sexual orientation bias, making up 20.4% of the total hate crimes for that year. Of the total victims, 56.7% were targeted based on anti-male homosexual bias, 29.6% were targeted based on anti-homosexual bias, and 11.1% were targeted based on anti-female homosexual bias.

But then everyone *wants* to believe gay-bashing is an epidemic

Epidemic? I didn't claim it was or wasn't an epidemic. It happens though, and its not an isolated event. Any search engine will trivially return piles of independent verifiable incidents.

So where is your evidence that this happens. Where is all this horrifying discrimination and racist violence against straight white male right handed people you claim to have been the victim of for the last 20 years? That's worse than what any homosexual suffers?

Yeah, I'm still waiting on that.

Comment: Re:Silly (Score 1) 609

by vux984 (#48272637) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

To those modding it a troll...give me a break. No straight white male has suffered more bigotry and intolerance than "any homosexual". Worst case this twit lost out on a scholarship or a job due to some sort of affirmative action, and thinks that injustice somehow not only equals but outweighs what gays face routinely.

As for the crowbar incident I mentioned.

That's not exactly an isolated event.

If this guy has really been discriminated on that scale, its an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence. Otherwise I stand by it. Brain diarrhea and all.

Comment: Re:Silly (Score 4, Funny) 609

by vux984 (#48272525) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

No, liberals did.

Beat you with a crowbar? And rammed your car for being a straight white male? And this was done by liberals?

I seriously doubt it.

Or more accurately, even if you were beaten with a crowbar by "liberals" it was probably nothing to do with you being white/straight/male/middleclass and everything to with you being an asshole.

And your final sentence is indicative of just the oppression I've been first to suffer for being born this way.

I'm white/straight/middleclass/male too... but I'm left handed -- lucky for me right? I must be the only thing that keeps me safe from the liberal crowbar beatings.

Comment: Re:Proud to be gay??? (Score 1) 609

by gnasher719 (#48272445) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

How can you be proud of something you're born as, or did he actually make a hard choice to be gay, and is thus proud of his choice?

Now let me think... If he had said "I'm proud to be American", or "I'm proud to be Californian", or "I'm proud of whatever you can think of except being gay", would you or would anyone else here complain about it?

The truth is that it just pains your little homophobic heart that someone dares saying they are proud to be gay.

Comment: Re:Silly (Score 1) 609

by gnasher719 (#48272399) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"
Not right either. That logo came later.

Reportedly at the time when Steve Jobs had to figure out a name for the company he wanted to start, he was at an apple orchard. Lots of trees with apples. So he picked the name "Apple".

And the "apple" is not really about Adam and Eve either. They would have done much, much better without any apples involved. The apple in the bible stands for temptation, loss of innocence, and for being thrown out of paradise. (Remember how in the bible Adam and Eve didn't realise they were naked until each bit into that apple? )

Comment: Re:Gay? (Score 1, Insightful) 609

by gnasher719 (#48272173) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

How is it Gays seem to think that their sexual preference is not abnormal but most other sexual preferences are? And don't start in with the consenting adults bullshit.

Is that the old homophobic claptrap again? Didn't quite expect it on Slashdot, but then again, I don't expect it anywhere.

The reason is that (a) the "consenting adults bullshit" isn't bullshit, but that's what makes the difference, and (b) that being homosexual is indeed a behaviour that happens quite naturally in a small minority of people.

Comment: Re:Silly (Score 1, Troll) 609

by vux984 (#48271703) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

as a cisgender (god I hate that this term even exists), middle class, right handed, white male I've suffered more bigotry and intolerance over the last 20 years than any homosexual


Your own family attacked you with a crowbar? Then smashed your windshield with it, then rammed your car with a pickup truck?

And they did it because you are a straight, middle class, right handed white male?

Do you filter any of the diarrhea that dribbles out of your mouth at all?

Comment: Re:Silly (Score 4, Insightful) 609

by Daltorak (#48271461) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

Sort of like, "I'm proud to be 5'10"", or, "I'm proud to be male" or something. We have exactly nothing to do with creating these conditions so why would we be proud of them? Things to be proud of would be, "I wrote some amazing code." Or perhaps, "I ran five miles and made my personal best time." You aren't supposed to be proud of things you had no control of...

The idea of "gay pride" isn't a statement of "this is how I am", it's about taking a stand against oppression. People are routinely killed in the United States due solely to their sexual orientation. Killed. Do you fucking hear me? KILLED. And the US being one of the safest places in the world to be gay! You're a lot worse off if you're in Russia, Africa, eastern Europe, many parts of India, pretty much all of Central America, the Phillipines, etc.etc., and publicly came out.

Do people get routinely killed (or are denied access to their sick partner in a hospital, or tax breaks, etc.) for being 5'10 or being a good programmer? Emphatically no. So sit your ass down and keep your "being proud of being gay is the same as being proud of being 5'10" nonsense to yourself.

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