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Spider Missing After Trip To Space Station 507

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the lost-in-space dept.
Garabito writes "A spider that had been sent to the International Space Station for a school science program was lost. Two arachnids were sent in order to know if spiders can survive and make webs in space, but now only one spider can be seen in the container. NASA isn't sure where the other spider could have gone. I, for one, welcome our new arachnid overlords."

Comment: Re:DSLExtreme (Score 1) 285

by weeeee (#18503699) Attached to: Best Buy Acquires SpeakEasy
Another satisfied DSLExtreme customer. I have a 6.0mbps/768k line out to NY via Covad. I actually ordered a 1 static IP plan, but apparently Covad gave me a /29 anyways. Uptime has been sweet, even though I'm at the fringe of the range for 6.0mbps. They have no problems with servers and no port blocking. I went with them previously because their plans were cheaper than Speakeasy.

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