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Comment: Re:Developers are not going to make games for free (Score 1) 212

by wed128 (#46409113) Attached to: PC Game Prices — Valve Starts the Race To Zero

It's not about helping valve out, it's about the market forcing prices to be low. it's capitalism working. The games will cost what they have to, and not more (this is the idea anyway)

The fear is that the presence of free games will cause an overall drop in quality; mobile gaming is used as evidence of this.

Comment: Re:Calculus should not be an elective (Score 1) 313

by wed128 (#46366873) Attached to: Should programming be a required curriculum in public schools?

In any university-track school curriculum, calculus is a requirement, not an elective.

Yea, but the problems are the following:
1) except for engineering and math students, very few students will *take* higher math classes in college
2) the first two weeks of college calculus covered more then the entire year of high-school calculus. It's slowed down so people who want to go to college, but don't want to take math, can keep up.
3) learning abstract logic through programming in an expressive language like python or ruby (or perhaps some domain-specific language) is much more applicable to day-to-day life then calculus, which is only really used by engineers and scientists. Even math-heavy jobs like those in the accounting and finance fields don't use much calculus, do they?


Github Rolls Out New Text Editor Atom 82

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from the like-emacs-but-...-no-basically-it's-emacs dept.
hypnosec writes "Github has introduced Atom, its new 'web native' code editor which has been in development for more than six years. Atom is available as a part of an invite-only beta program. GitHub describes Atom as an attempt to create an editor 'that will be welcoming to an elementary school student on their first day learning to code, but also a tool they won't outgrow as they develop into seasoned hackers.'" You can request an invite on The source to supporting libraries has already been released, but it looks like Atom itself might not be released (although it is a "specialized variant of Chromium designed to be a text editor rather than a web browser."). The editor is extensible in Javascript instead of "special-purpose scripting languages" like Emacs and VIM (is Javascript really any less messy than Emacs-Lisp though?). A preliminary user guide and customization guide are available to all.

Comment: Not an os (Score 1) 175

by wed128 (#46093607) Attached to: An OS You'll Love? AI Experts Weigh In On <em>Her</em>

Does it bother any of my fellow pedantic Slashdot that the software depicted in the movie "Her" isn't really an OS, and doesn't perform the functionality of an OS (such as scheduling and memory management), but rather a novel user-interface layer, and would likely be implemented as some user space package?

i guess what i'm trying to ask Siri an OS now? is sphynx?

Comment: Re:They are as common as unicorns (Score 2) 173

by wed128 (#45963893) Attached to: The Mystery/Myth of the $3 Million Google Engineer

Sales pay structure is different. They are paid by the sale, not by the year. Therefore, their pay is dependent on how much work they do. Best deal you can hope for in IT is by-the-hour -- because by-the-issue would raise all kinds of new problems.

As a software developer, your only hope for such astronomical pay is either by stock-options, or by selling a product on your own.

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