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Comment Re:Halfway between ... (Score 1) 91

I was excited about Katrina hitting New Orleans because having lived in Baton Rouge I knew New Orleans was very susceptible to hurricanes. My thought was "Cool... I'm going to see it happen!" The next day this turned to shock and horror when I learned that thousands of people had not evacuated and were dead or in serious need of rescue. Soon afterwards I couldn't believe my ears when Bush stated that no one could anticipate this disaster. It was common knowledge that New Orleans would flood if a hurricane hit. If I knew it was going to happen, certainly the president should have!

Comment Re:Still uses WebView (Score 1) 69

English absorbs words and they become part of the language, albeit ones with roots in different languages.

Dude, we didn't even change the pronunciation of "taco", or those other words (much). They're not loanwords if you're trying to use them faithfully and you know what language they belong to. Ice-a creamu, that's a loanword. CD pray-er, debatable.

Comment Re: History repeats. (Score 1) 76

I solved that problem by just not watching Stargate after it became boring. Then when Atlantis came out, I was excited, and watched it. That made me go back and watch the original show. I'm just sad they only cancelled the last show when it was starting to hit its stride. If they were just going to do that, they didn't need to bother to begin with.

Comment Re:Which is why (Score 1) 245

By the way, the current state of research seems to be that carbohydrate restricted diets work well in the short term but have only modest success in the long term.

Right, I linked that story because it speaks directly to the deception from the NIH and the USDA. It wasn't about the diet — I had great success the first time, and less weight loss the second time, so now I'm just watching what I eat — but about the deliberate attempts to deceive by our government. Shock, amazement, I know. At best they were trying to look busy. More likely, they were working on behalf of the rising processed foods industry.

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 0) 361

It would be cheaper just to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. That's why we're trying to do that... it's the less expensive approach. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions also has all sorts of other benefits: ensuring we have plenty of energy while fossil fuel resources dwindle, reducing pollution, reducing ocean acidification, and reducing droughts. I don't understand why so many people are against doing it. I suspect that in their minds in means going back to an agrarian lifestyle. It's the exact opposite -- it's moving to 21st century high technology.

Comment Re:Mirrored drones = deadly disco balls? (Score 4, Informative) 120

The mirror coating is barely reflective to a laser, and will burn off just about as quickly as the camouflage coating which you propose. What is needed to have any real effect is an ablative laser coating which continues to be reflective as it is burned away. AFAIK no such material exists as of yet, in spite of being prophesied in roll-playing games (i.e. Battletech.)

However, yes, there will be some reflections while the target is being cooked, and if it is at low altitudes that could be quite dangerous to any spectators.

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