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+ - Apple suggests that music should be sold w/o DRM

Submitted by websitebroke
websitebroke (996163) writes "BBC is reporting today that Steve Jobs "has urged the world's largest record companies to begin selling songs online without copy protection software." in an article appearing on their website.

Is Apple assuming that they will sell more music if there is no DRM, or are they just interested in preserving their markets in the EU where some hostile legislation is coming out against their FairPlay software?

From the article:

Mr Jobs said that if DRM safeguards were dropped, Apple would be in a position to create a download system that could work with devices other than iPods, including Microsoft's recently launched Zune music player.

He called on the world's four biggest music labels — Universal Music, EMI, Sony BMG Music and Warner Music — to begin selling their music catalogues without DRM restrictions.

But Norway's Consumer Council said the issues at stake here go beyond those Mr Jobs have chosen to highlight.

"It is clear that the record industry has some responsibility, but that does not relieve Apple of responsibility," said Mr Waterhouse."

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