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Comment Re:About damn time (Score 1) 108

Well, specifically, I was thinking of Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland)

Oh yeah, that's true, Norway is fun, I forgot about the north. In the US, every house has phone coverage (subsidized), but it's wired. Also, trains go through places people don't live.

In 2005 I was working on a messaging system for tracking trucks over cell networks through Europe. One of the requirements was to be able to survive without coverage for a few weeks at a time. Part of that was because of the complex patchwork of standards throughout Europe, though. Not sure if that has changed. One thing is for sure: a good cell-phone blocker could block them all. :)

Comment Re:And we STILL can't read it (Score 4, Informative) 143

It's because Canada is in the middle of an election, and if the details get out before then, the ruling Conservatives will be completely wiped off the face of the earth.

It will gut most of Canada's government-run businesses, including our health care system.

Comment Re:This is not about science. It's about dependenc (Score 1) 173

The problem includes GM by methodologies such as Monsanto employes, obviously it is at least possible to alter DNA of something to make it harmful to humans, but the pro-Monsanto shills here would deny that possibility of such a problem should even be subject to testing. The are the ignorant anti-science shills, calling for blind faith in a mega-corporation that buys laws and seeks to take control of the food supply. How vile and evil, without a concern for human well being.

Comment Re:Anti-science is a PR plague (Score 1) 173

You are wrong, Monsanto does use methods of questionable safety, such as mutating plants with radiation and using the deformed plants DNA for a desired characteristic. Any normal person seeing the mutant plants would be horrified. You are the anti-science one, you claim Monsanto's methodologies and products are harmless without a shred of proof. You shill in ignorance

Comment Re:About damn time (Score 1) 108

Hmm, well, I guess my European perspective has misled me. Here regulations force mobile operators to serve unprofitable areas as a condition for getting to serve high population density profitable areas. I mean, I spend a lot of time on either my parents' summer cottage in the middle of nowhere

I don't think there is any place in Europe that counts as "the middle of nowhere." In parts of Nevada, you can drive for half an hour (at 110 kmph) without seeing another car.

Comment Re:About damn time (Score 1) 108

Where in the Western world are you not able to get a reliable Internet connection even if you're just a regular consumer?

Take a train from San Francisco to Chicago and 40% of the way, there is no cell phone service. In the desert, in the mountains, deep in the countryside.
And internet outages happen in the middle of Silicon Valley, and they can happen anywhere.

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