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+ - This $9 computer might be more useful than Raspberry Pi->

Submitted by colinneagle
colinneagle writes: A small team of engineers and artists that make up Next Thing Co. launched a Kickstarter campaign today for Chip, their $9 single-board computer that boasts Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a larger processor than Raspberry Pi's most powerful models.

The tiny device runs a 1 GHz R8 ARM processor, and comes with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. In comparison, the Raspberry Pi B and B+ models feature a 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex 7 processor. The Chip comes with a built-in composite output to connect to monitors and supports adapters for VGA or HDMI. It runs Debian Linux and comes preloaded with the Scratch programming language for those who might be new to coding.

Most noteworthy, though, is the Pocket Chip – a small device with a crude-looking screen and hard-key keyboard that plugs into the Chip and makes for portable computing. It may not be an iPhone killer, but it's an impressively inexpensive mobile form factor.

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Comment: Re:better solution: don't make cars network-capabl (Score 1) 44

by webmistressrachel (#48967115) Attached to: BMW Patches Security Flaw Affecting Over 2 Million Vehicles

You can have most androids, and I believe apple phones too, "Auto Rotate" their screen. Flip it in your hands it so the screen is correctly oriented for your HUD reflection when subsequently laid flat, then carefully place it in the panel so it reflects as desired. When laid flat,the phone will wait for a threshold (more than 10 degrees in my experience) of further rotation before changing the screen again - giving you the result you wanted!

I've done it with my Xperia Z Ultra and my Ford Transit EF-LWB - it works!

Comment: Re:Graphics Card News (Score 1) 29

Does your "portable" LAN rig (including monitor) fit in a rucksack or panniers (bike rack)? Does it have decent h/k speakers and a meaty subwoofer built in for train journeys? Does it boot (and login) in under 30 seconds from power off, less than that from hibernate?

These trade-offs alone, along with the ability to game or perform (I have an Edirol and portable 12V PA) for two hours without the mains, make the NVidia 9700M GTS seem quite impressive, actually!

They're bigger because they contain more useful things...

Per buck you get more computing action with the small computer. -- R.W. Hamming