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Comment: Is it really that hard to add collision detection? (Score 1) 88

I think that as self-driving car technology improves, the collision detection technology will find its way into drones. This is not much of a safety issue. More of an annoyance. Welcome to the new world, just get used to shit whizzing through the air and doing stuff.

Comment: Re:Americans don't care (Score 5, Insightful) 201

The point is not to make a dent in the collective ignorance of Americans. That's asking a lot. What is the point is to uncover the man behind the green curtain, who promises us he is keeping us safe with his awesome powers, but is instead bumbling around, lying, and providing a fertile ground for abuse by collecting too much information and having an opaque process. Evil loves the darkness, even when the "good guys" are the ones that turn the light out in the name of national security.

Comment: Re:Obama (Score 2) 211

What it is with this guy: in order to rise the top you must make promises to powerful insiders, lie to the people, give them just enough to prevent revolt, but keep fattening your patrons. It's all about insiders vs. outsiders, not Democrats vs. Republicans. Obama is not a "liberal." He is the ultimate insider.

Comment: Re:That's too bad (Score 2, Insightful) 107

Even accepting your idea that there should be no limits on espionage, one big problem here is that the espionage was discovered. If you are going to spy on me, I'd better not find out about it. That's just the way the game is played. If it were OK to do, they wouldn't call it "spying," they would call it "looking."

Comment: Re:It isn't designed as an uncensorable platform (Score 2) 91

by wealthychef (#47092785) Attached to: Twitter Capitulates To Governments, Censors Users
Facebook did not start with a marketing department. It caught on because it delivered something people wanted and was easy to use. Same with twitter. They started making money and used the money to grow their product. The open source model does not follow that process. Getting angry and whining does not get you anywhere. To increase usage, you have to provide something people want and understand how to use. Saying "use xmpp" is not going to work. You need to say "use this cute app to chat with your friends anonymously" Leave the jargon out of it.

Comment: Nobody complains about spam filters! (Score 1) 67

by wealthychef (#46907755) Attached to: Google Halts Gmail Scanning for Education Apps Users
When you enable spam filtering in Google, the spam filter "reads all your email" in exactly the same way the "invasive" practice from this lawsuit does. It just does it to serve Google and not the user. You have no privacy on the Internet unless you encrypt your traffic, and not even then if the NSA has their way. Until people get that, they should assume that people are "reading" their messages.

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