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+ - Sourceforge staff takes over a user's account and wraps their software installer-> 6

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Sourceforge staff took over the account of the GIMP-for-Windows maintainer claiming it was abandoned and used this opportunity to wrap the installer in crapware. Quoting Ars:

SourceForge, the code repository site owned by Slashdot Media, has apparently seized control of the account hosting GIMP for Windows on the service, according to e-mails and discussions amongst members of the GIMP community—locking out GIMP's lead Windows developer. And now anyone downloading the Windows version of the open source image editing tool from SourceForge gets the software wrapped in an installer replete with advertisements.

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Comment: Re:North Pole (Score 1) 494

by wbr1 (#49741095) Attached to: The Brainteaser Elon Musk Asks New SpaceX Engineers
This is not what he wants. He does not need to know 'an infinite number of points around the south pole. he other interviews check for mathematical competency and such. The answer, as is proper for any good brainteaser is in the question itself, "earth". Why, because that is your starting point, and you never went UP. It is not a technical answer he wants I'll wager.

Comment: Re:That'll Show 'Em (Score 2) 66

Verizons NET revenue in 2014:9.625 billion [wikipedia]
Damages 90M Percentage fees take from net profit = 0.9%

Less than one percent of one years profit for fucking customers for years. Yeah, that'll teach 'em.

As usual, this is a show and a sham. Bet some lawyers will make bank though.

Comment: Dear Samsung (Score 1) 65

by wbr1 (#49655485) Attached to: Samsung's SSD 840 Read Performance Degradation Explained
Admit you're wrong and fix the vanilla 840s and OEM devices based on the same or similar firmware/NAND. Keep mistreating customers and they will leave. This is not the smart tv market with average joes not caring. Most SSDs are purchased by pros, are specced en masse for machines by pros, or by well informed enthusiasts, Treat this customer base ill at your peril.

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