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Comment Re:Not Really (Score 1) 532

No, NAT devices are extremely common and most users have their traffic pass through at least one before it reaches the Internet. As a result, a single IP address could belong to hundreds or thousands of users and most definitely cannot be used to positively identify a single user unless you can prove that the traffic didn't pass through any NAT layers.

Comment Re:Slackware for the win (Score 1) 144

Why would it not boot?

Because many distributions have trouble booting via UEFI and more and more systems are shipping without legacy/MBR boot support and can only boot via UEFI.

UEFI brings some nice improvements but motherboard manufactures typically only test with Windows and good UEFI support hasn't been a high priority until very recently for many Linux distributions.

Comment Re:Year of the Linux desktop! (Score 1) 200

Actually, Microsoft used to maintain a POSIX subsystem running on the NT kernel. Look up Windows Services for UNIX

It was discontinued with the release of Windows 8.1 and one of the reasons cited at the time was lack of users and lack of interest from developers. It didn't do things quite the same way as many Linux distributions but quite a bit of code could be ported fairly easily.

Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 195

Windows 10 can use Windows 7 and Windows 8 drivers for pretty much any hardware device. The only challenge comes when there is a Windows 10 driver available that says it supports a particular hardware device but it really doesn't or doesn't work properly.

In that case, you will have manually tell Windows 10 to install the older Windows 7 or 8 driver instead (depending on the device you may have to use Safe mode to do this.)

This works quite well, in fact I have an older system in which the Windows 10 audio driver will cause it to bluescreen randomly while playing audio but is perfectly stable with a Windows 7 driver. I installed the old Windows 7 driver via Device Manager and now the system is perfectly stable.

Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 195

Did you try using the Windows 7 graphics driver in the Windows 10 install? Windows 10 supports using Windows 7 drivers.

In the case of graphics drivers, you will loose some Direct X 12 features (although not all) by using a Windows 7 driver but if the graphics chipset is that old, it probably wouldn't support the new features anyway.

If the graphics manufacturer has released a Windows 10 driver but it doesn't work for some reason, then you may have to boot Windows 10 in safe mode to force the use of the older driver. However, once that is done things should work. When you force a driver install in safe mode, Windows 10 appears to avoid automatically updating the driver in the future, which is nice.

Comment Re:Imagine if it had never been done (Score 1) 153

This sounds like the people over that particular program at your community college didn't really understand what options were available.

The Express versions of Visual Studio .NET has been free for quite some time for personal or academic use (starting with Visual Studio 2006). Even before that, the Microsoft C++ command-line compiler has been available as free download as a part of the Windows SDK/Platform SDK since the release of Windows XP (if not before).

It is true that the Windows SDK does not include an IDE of any kind but it includes the compiler and linker, so all you really need is a text editor to use it to develop programs.

Comment Re:Can smartphones know their data cap? (Score 1) 212

iOS devices equipped with a cellular radio do keep track of data usage. Simply go to Setting->Cellular and look under the Cellular Data Usage heading. This is also the same settings page that has the options to turn Wi-Fi Assist on or off and to restrict cellular data usage by application.

You do have to reset that statistics manually when a new billing period starts because carriers don't typically provide a way for the device to know when a new billing period has started.

Comment Re:License agreements need an automatic terminatio (Score 1) 190

Actually Youtube is far worse than that. Google uses a system called Content ID which automatically flags potential copyright violations without consulting the copyright holder. This makes the claim process entirely automated and is very prone to false positives. (I have first hand experience with some videos I uploaded being flagged for using some stock music that I had specifically licensed for use in those videos.)

Copyright holders can submit DMCA claims but I suspect the vast majority of claims on Youtube come from the automated Content ID system which isn't really the same thing as a DMCA claim (although it has pretty much the same effect in regards to the video being taken down.)

If your video is flagged by the Content ID system, the only thing you can do is submit a note (text only) explaining why you believe the automated claim is invalid and that note is sent to the copyright holder who can decide whether or not to release the claim manually. Fortunately in my case they accepted my proof of license and released the claim.

Comment Re: They demanded my ID and power bill (Score 1) 232

They will ask for a copy of some form of government-issued identification if they have reason to believe that the name on your account may be fake or if someone reported the account as having a fake name.

I have seen this happen with a few friends that I know that used fake names on their accounts at one time and were forced to change them to their real names.

Comment Re:I don't believe that many people successfully.. (Score 1) 171

Also, Microsoft requires you to successfully install every current update in order to be allowed to upgrade

That is not true at all. If you want to use the option to automatically upgrade to Windows 10 then you do need quite a few updates installed but if you download and use the you can upgrade an existing Windows 7 or Windows 8 install regardless of what updates have or have not been installed.

Indeed, Microsoft recommends that you use the Media Creation Tool on systems that are having problems installing updates or for systems that don't have reliable Internet connectivity. As long as you choose the "Upgrade" option in the installer and the existing Windows 7 or 8 install is activated you won't have to enter a product key.

Comment Re:They KNOW what I want! (Score 1) 85

Looking at their website I am not even sure the Bolt supports 4k. Their marketing mentions 4k all over the place but their specs pages appear to use UHD and 4k interchangeably which really makes me wonder if it truly does 4k or if it is really just supports UHD.

4k has a wider aspect ratio (17:9 instead of 16:9) and a different color space than UHD. Most of the cheaper (relatively speaking) consumer TVs and displays appear to be supporting UHD but not 4k but some of the higher-end displays tend true 4k at a 17:9 aspect ratio.

Much of the UHD content I have seen was originally shot in 4k and then cropped to fit the UHD aspect ratio. Often the colors are a bit wrong as well because they didn't correct for the different color space, so I try to stick to 4k whenever possible.

Comment Re: Or... let there be light! (Score 1) 279

The more expensive and better quality the camera the less IR is normally let through. Don't confuse looking into the IR spectrum and recording the IR spectrum. They are not done by the same sensor.

Actually IR recordings are typically done with the same image sensor as visible light recordings. What high-quality cameras do is have an IR filter in front of the image sensor that is automatically moved out of the imaging path when the camera is switched into a low-light or nightvision mode (In many cameras this results in an barely audible click when switching modes as the filter is moved).

Such cameras also typically have a collection of ND filters as well that can be switched in and out as needed for filming in very bright light to avoid having to use ridiculously high shutter speeds with a sensitive image sensor.

Comment Re:Easy problem to solve: Ban CC: (Score 1) 65

No, it isn't hidden. It doesn't appear in the "Quick Compose" window but then again I wouldn't expect to see it there since that is designed just for short messages or quick replies.

In the full compose window the Bcc field is right below the To and Cc fields just where it has been for the past several versions.

Comment Re:I got a 4K TV Yesterday (Score 1) 117

4k video has a resolution of 4096x2160. Unfortunately true 4k TVs are very hard to find outside of professional monitors.

Most TVs that I have been able to find are now 4k but rather UHD which has a resolution of 3840x2160 and usually crop the left and right sides of the image when displaying real DCI 4k content.

I suspect the problem is only going to get worse over time because I doubt very many consumers understand the difference in aspect ratio between DCI 4k and UHD. A 4k display can display UHD content without any quality loss or cropping but the reverse is not true.

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