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User Journal

Journal: FF Extension Roundup

Journal by wbav
Okay, so here's a list of must have extensions for FireFox and why (All found under the 1.0 link of
Adblock - Get rid of those ads in web pages
Allow Right Click - Stupid web masters won't stop me!
Basics - I like having a new tab button
BugMeNot - No web registration
ColorZilla - Cool little eyedropper in FireFox
CuteMenus - Adds Icons next to the context menus
Download Statusbar - Much better than that download manager
Minit - Reorder tabs, really nice
Popup Count - See how many have been blocked
Popup Alt - See those alt tags
Reload Every - Add meta refresh to any site
Session Saver - If you don't get anything else, get this. It saves your tabs and history/location in each one and restores them on start, even after a crash. Don't use multiple windows though, it only saves the last window closed (includes things like dl manager and extension manager.)
Spellbound - Spell check your forms before submitting. (Needs to be better integrated.)
Target Alert - See what it is before clicking on it. (Still slightly buggy)
Text/Plain - Make a URL in plain text a link by highlighting it
Titlebar Tweaks - Change how the title is displayed for pages
Tweak Network - Use that broadband connection
User Agent Switcher - Useful for those pages who want only IE
Weatherfox - See what's going on outside your cube
Web Developer - Helps deconstruct your website so you can build it correctly

Best part of is that they usually have extensions repacked for the current FF version even if the author hasn't done it yet.

Oh and for those keeping track, I do have a few more extensions, but they are not listed on this page, so I'll post them separately.

Journal: Printing C/C++ Code

Journal by wbav
I'm in a class this term that requires me to print hardcopies of code for submission. So, when I've finished my code, I fire up vi and start printing. 28 pages of mostly white space later, I realize that there must be another way.

Looking around on the web I found c2ps (I have used a2ps in the past when printing a number of files.) However, even this tool didn't do it all for me, as I was looking for a booklet format with no blank pages.

So I put it to you, the slashdot reader/programmer, what tools do you recommend for printing out 28+ classes in booklet form.

(Incidentally, the instructor also requires that we submit an electronic copy, along with a VC++ project, so I'm open to both windows and Unix tools.)

I'm putting this here in case my submission is rejected

Update -
Rejected after 2 minutes.

Journal: Over-reaction and Moderation 1

Journal by wbav
Lately, I've been seeing a few things that disturb me more than a little...

First is moderators who are not paying attention.
For example: My comment was modded down as redundent even though I was the first to post on the issue of mac address spoofing.

Second, there has been more than a few users who seem to get pissed off at people for putting up what they feel is inaccuate information.
For example: Perhaps if they had looked at my sources and bothered to read them they might find that I did research this and I was telling what I felt was the real story. Now if they feel I'm wrong, they could have e-mailed me, or better yet, talked to my sources and possibly correct the information out there. Instead, they whine and complain that I got modded up.

Journal: Voice Control of XMMS

Journal by wbav
As of November 14th of 2001, I got voice control of xmms working. Anyone looking for help on how to do this can contact me.
User Journal

Journal: Some Moderators Lack the skills required to moderate

Journal by wbav

Well, I made a comment in response to a message about how the fact that the wtc attack was just liberal propaganda; saying that it was time to stop bickering between parties. Then I re-read the comment and found that it was ment as a joke, so I replied to myself saying sorry I shouldn't have posted. Well it seems that both messages got moded as trolls and as offtopic. What kind of moderators do we have here? I didn't post again expressing my outrage out of fear of getting moded again. I ask anyone reading, what do you think of this situation?

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (10) Sorry, but that's too useful.