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Comment: Re:Just AC's? (Score 1) 24

by RailGunner (#47271403) Attached to: Dearest Anonymous
instead you frequently write new complaints

LOL - nothing I do on this site is "frequent".

you couldn't make that shit up by just banging randomly at your keyboard

Don't need to. The liberal trolls (like yourself) are nothing if not completely predictable.

or are the accounts you complain about actually you, and when you write as railgunner you're just an act? the argument in favor of you expressing the opposite of your actual beliefs in this account are becoming stronger on a routine basis.

Gee, that sounds strangely like something d_r would write, as well as being completely ridiculous. This further proves that all liberal trolls are essentially redundant, and that the world will be a better place if they all went and played in traffic.

Comment: Re:Just AC's? (Score 1) 24

by RailGunner (#47262153) Attached to: Dearest Anonymous
you write too often about such accounts
and with too much detail - to support any notion of you not reading their writings

Wrong again. There's no need for anyone to read their writings, because their writings are utterly predictable and unchanging. It's called pattern recognition, you should research it.

Otherwise, your argument distills to "You say the sun is yellow, therefore, you must stare at it a lot."

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by RailGunner (#47258061) Attached to: About that 'not one smidgen of corruption'
The left excels at this -- they love to say dumb shit like "Sarah Palin was investigated for ethics violations 28 times while Governor of Alaska".

... and fail to mention that she was cleared all 28 times. For the left, it's the "gravity" of the accusations that matter, not whether the accused is innocent or guilty.

With that in mind... (with apologies to our friend Ace as I'm paraphrasing him): Ace over at Ace of Spades HQ reminds people that there's not been any investigation as to whether or not Harry Reid is a pederast. We the people need to know. After all, the gravity of the accusation instantly means we MUST INVESTIGATE.

Comment: Re:and that article... (Score 1) 79

by RailGunner (#47257235) Attached to: About that 'not one smidgen of corruption'
so again why is it ok for a governor from your camp to do it

Funny, I haven't seen Smitty defending Walker...

but unimaginably bad when someone does it who is not from your group?

It's a matter of scale.

Or is stealing 1 million dollars not worse than stealing 10 dollars?

Or are you such a jackbooted brownshirt wannabe that you AGREE with the Obama administration that it's OK to use the IRS to target political rivals?

While I'm at it: Why was Ben Carson audited after his breakfast speech?

Also, do you REALLY think Lois Lerner is behind this or is she yet another meat puppet for Obama and Holder?

Are you aware that when the fascists win, it's useful idiots like yourself that they eliminate first?

Comment: Re:Believe it or not... (Score 1) 58

by RailGunner (#47167471) Attached to: Jack Phillips should be put on a wedding cake chain gang
EXACTLY. This sets a chilling precedence -- the government now could force you to perform in a gay porn movie. What's that, you say? You have a moral objection? No, you're not allowed to have a moral objection, you serf. Now get down there and blow Barack.

The First Amendment guarantees the RIGHT to FREE EXERCISE of Religion. If that means a baker doesn't want to bake a cake for a "ceremony" then so be it.

Most businesses have a sign: "We reserve the right to refuse service..." -- so does this mean that they don't? That No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service sign -- why, that violates my RIGHT TO BE BAREFOOT! Where's Gloria Steinem when I need her?

MH42 is right on this one. This is a HUGE assault on the First Amendment and reeks of Fascism. Not that anyone should expect anything less from Bathhouse Barry.

Comment: Re:I thought the 14th Amendment (Score 1) 46

by RailGunner (#47164527) Attached to: Unsurprising surprise of the century
At least my religion preaches that everybody is equal- equally sinful, but still equal.

It certainly does not!

Everything that the Catholic Church teaches is published; a simple glance at the Catechism would prove MH42's assertion about the Catholic Church correct. The Church does indeed preach equality.

Any counter-example you could produce would likely be the result of your own misunderstanding of what the Church teaches (and why)...

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