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+ - Google recommends supporting censorship?

Submitted by watzinaneihm
watzinaneihm writes: In a recent SEC filing, it appears that Google is recommending that the shareholders vote against a proposal by some shareholders that would have unilaterally condemned censorship. It is pretty strange given that Google owned youtube has become the unofficial Voice of Tibet and Google has expressed some regret that it has to censor itself in China.

+ - China blocks youtube

Submitted by watzinaneihm
watzinaneihm writes: The great firewall of China got a little bit stronger today with a complete ban on youtube. There are suggestions that this might be due to the situation in Tibet, where separatists have been rebelling and tourist inflow is blocked.
Scarier still is the declaration of People's war by China.

+ - Youtube, Cable TV blocked in Pakistan

Submitted by watzinaneihm
watzinaneihm writes: In a spread of censorship to newer countries, it appears that Pakistan has blocked access to youtube blaming it for spreading anti-islamic cartoons. It is also reported that Cable TV channels are being blocked.
Pakistan recently held elections and its results have been difficult for the ruling president and ex army chief.
It is not clear if the censorship is an isolated event or part of a larger crackdown on media

+ - Google says MSFT-Yahoo merger bad for internet 2

Submitted by watzinaneihm
watzinaneihm writes: Google has, in a blog posting, called Yahoo-MSFT merger bad for the future of the internet. It is worried about the number of email and IM accounts this merged entity would control, while NY times has accused Google of a Microsoft fixation.
There is also speculation regarding whether Google in turn may raise a counterbid for Yahoo.

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