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+ - Judge Kimball Strikes SCO's Jury Trial Demand->

Submitted by watchingeyes
watchingeyes (1097855) writes "In a ruling on various pre-trial motions in limine and other, similar motions in the SCO vs Novell case, Judge Kimball today issued a ruling striking SCO's demand for a Jury trial, ruling that Novell's claims seek equitable, and not legal relief. In addition, he denied SCO's request for entry of judgment that would allow them to appeal his ruling on the UNIX copyrights and Novell's waiver rights, ruling that if SCO wants to appeal any of his rulings, it can do them all at once after trial. He also granted Novell's request to voluntarily dismiss its own breach of contract claim, denied SCO's motion to exclude press coverage and evidence from the IBM case, granted Novell's motion in limine preventing SCO from contesting his Summary Judgment ruling at trial, granted Novell's second motion in limine preventing SCO from arguing that SCOsource licenses that license SVRx only incidentally aren't SVRx licenses, denied another SCO motion in limine which improperly asked the Judge to issue rulings on contractual issues and denied Novell's final motion in limine which sought to prevent SCO from contesting Novell's apportionment of royalties analysis. Looks like SCO is no longer able to sway a Jury, and instead will be facing a trial in-front of a Judge which has already ruled against them numerous times, including on all but one motion out of 8 in this very ruling."
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+ - Google and Announce Partnership->

Submitted by
watchingeyes writes "Google and are, as expected, announcing Tuesday they are forming an alliance. And they've already co-developed a small business product, Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords, to go along with it. In Group Edition, users can see what lead prospects were searching on before they clicked an ad, can automatically plot their contacts on Google Maps, send them a Gmail, or do things like send a copy of a lease or contract over to a customer via Google Docs, all in one click. Google has recently shown a push into business apps, and this is nothing if not further evidence of that push. Group Edition users will also have a new dashboard to see how effectively their online ad campaigns are helping them grow business, including graphical displays to see what sites leads are coming from and what AdWords are most effective."
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