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Comment Re:"Mimic the act of driving"? (Score 2) 157

And I thought our current legislators are brainless:

"(1) immediately stop the vehicle, (2) immediately and as rapidly as possible... disassemble the automobile, and (3) conceal the various components out of sight, behind nearby bushes until equestrian or livestock is sufficiently pacified"

Comment Re:Basic Engineering! (Score 1) 163

If you go back earlier than WW2, the Israelis homeland was Israel. That was their homeland all the way back in 1100 BC all the way up until the Romans took over sometime around 90 AD. If you go back even further, the garden of Eden was somewhere around there, possibly Syria/Persia, near the four rivers Pishon, Gihon, the Tigris, and the Euphrates. So the Israelis do have a valid claim on that land, before the Palestinians.

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