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Classic Games (Games)

+ - The first 3D game on the PC (before Carmack)?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Who wrote the first 3D game for the PC? id Software takes credit for it, but this guy apparently published a more modern-looking 3D game one year before Carmack. The google video of Alpha Waves shows a game that was surprisingly advanced compared to other early 3D games like Elite or id's Hovertank 3D. Is this another case of the winner writing the history books?"
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+ - Women 'advertise' fertility

Submitted by Dik Zak
Dik Zak (974638) writes "news24.com has a story about a paper published in Hormones and Behaviour. The study found that women take greater care over their appearance when they are at peak levels of monthly fertility.

The researchers showed photographs of women to observers, and the observers had to report which of the women were trying to look more attractive. The observers chose the "high fertility" subject nearly 60% of the time."

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