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Comment: A hazard for us all (Score 1) 16

by warrigal (#45743359) Attached to: Best arguments to defend privacy around the coffee table?
If a person or persons can demonstrate that they have unfettered access to your private communications they are in a good position to tell anyone else that you have things in there that might not in reality exist. They can assert that you have been talking dirty with minors, trading credit card numbers, selling secrets or conspiring to set a bomb. Anything they like, really. Very hard to disprove. A negative case is the hardest to sustain. Also, and this is what my users don't usually understand, a person who can read your correspondence can also write it. It wouldn't take much of an effort to insert the wrong sort of document into your outbox. Maybe some inappropriate photos? A badly worded appraisal of a colleague? Racial, sexual, political aspersions? Who knows? It's been done in pre-internet days. Probably under way as we sit here.

Comment: Re:Which is the most counterproductive act of all. (Score 3, Insightful) 572

by warrigal (#44058847) Attached to: Why Your Sysadmin Hates You
I think that may be the first time I have seen "reasonable request" and "sysadmin" in the same sentence.
The sysadmins I encounter are invariably anything but reasonable. Aloof, patronizing, condescending... all of those. Most have a very narrow specialization niche and absolutely no social skills or business experience.
I have seen them reduce naive users to tears and effectively discourage any user from making a request of any kind.

Comment: Re:how long will this behavior be tolerated... (Score 1) 180

by warrigal (#43838879) Attached to: Australian Intelligence HQ Blueprints Hacked
Actually, it was the US embassy in Moscow.
They found microphones suspended on dipoles in the walls. The Russians beamed in radio waves and the microphones modulated the re-radiated radio waves. No power required.
The microphones were installed while the embassy was being built for the US by the USSR.
There was an article about it in one of the tech mags about 30 years ago. Showed photos of grim US diplomats and the offending dipoles (which were simply wires cut to length).

Comment: Re:and then linux and maybe mac os will go big (Score 1) 196

by warrigal (#43596637) Attached to: Windows Store In-App Ad Revenue Plummets
apple may be forced to open mac os to all hardware.
There's no actual restriction on what hardware you run OSX on, apart from the EULA.
True, OSX supports a restricted subset of hardware but there doesn't appear to be any custom stuff involved. Ask the Hackintosh guys.
On a related note, just what advantage would Apple get from this? Apple make their money from the hardware. It would be like Microsoft releasing their XBOX OS for other hardware makers.

Comment: The past is dead (Score 1) 379

by warrigal (#43011197) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Would You Feel About Recording Your Entire Life?
I couldn't think of anything worse! There are many good reasons why large parts of my life are forgotten. It's not easy forgetting all that stuff that I'd rather not remember.
Having it all recorded in other people's memories is the ultimate nightmare.
Apart from immediate family I don't think I'm in touch with anyone I knew 20 years ago. And that's the way I like it.
It's not easy being a fool.
The past is dead.
The future is unknowable.
As for the present... I forgot to bring one.

Comment: Re:Always on = !on (Score 5, Funny) 592

by warrigal (#42818439) Attached to: Xbox 720 Could Require Always-On Connection, Lock Out Used Games
I used to live in AUSTRALIA, and even there we had 100mbit cable
I'd like to know where, cobber.
We're on fibre here in 3076-land and seldom see 10MBs. Usually less because of chronic under-provisioning, even when we pay for 100.

the asshole of the world
Just passing through, eh?

Comment: Re:Funny... (Score 1) 588

by warrigal (#42743599) Attached to: 64GB MS Surface Pro Only Has 23GB of Free Space
Apple/Android tablet makers store their OS in a small, discrete storage device, with a second, larger storage space for user apps and content.
Sorry to ruin your fantasy, but my 8Gig iPod lists its capacity as 6.4Gig available without any 3rd party apps or user files.
My 16Gig iPad similarly lists its capacity as 13.4Gig.
I'm going to assume that the missing space is iOS etc. No need to invent a mythical "small, discrete storage device".

Comment: Re:Blame (Score 1) 913

by warrigal (#42710177) Attached to: Microsoft Blames PC Makers For Windows Failure
Yes, Microsoft won't have to pay for a Windows license.
Perhaps, but every one they give away with their "loss-leader" Surface is one not bought by an OEM.
Each Surface sold by MS represents not only a financial loss but a weakening of their vital Windows ecosystem.
Buying a market (EG XBOX) away from competitors might be smart, but buying one (EG ZUNE) away from the people who buy your product isn't.

Comment: Re:Apple investment (Score 4, Informative) 151

by warrigal (#42664379) Attached to: Microsoft May Invest $1B-$3B In Dell Buyout
Jobs, on his return, wanted to be rid of all the lawsuits between Apple and Microsoft.
The biggie was the presence of Apple's Quicktime code in Windows (because of a contractor's shortcut).
The end-result of the negotiations was that Apple would keep IE as the default browser, MS would continue to write Office for Mac for at least 5 years and would invest $150Mill in non-voting Apple stock (which they later sold at a profit).
People not knowing the facts simply invented reasons for the investment that suited them.

Comment: Re:If we are to survive long term... (Score 4, Insightful) 352

by warrigal (#42238815) Attached to: I'd like us to explore with greatest emphasis ...
With 70% of our planet's surface under at least 1 mile of water it makes more sense to develop ways of exploring (and exploiting) the oceans. We really have no idea what's down there. The "abyssal plains" of the '70s are disproved. What next? Of course, a nice big phallic rocket with lots of noise, fire and smoke will thrill Joe SixPack but where's the payoff? Mining asteroids? You're kidding, right? We can't even get back to the moon.

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