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Comment: I started the old fashioned way (Score 1) 298

by warpup (#41131005) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Did You Become a Linux Professional?
I started as a Solaris administrator. I converted from running Solaris with CDE as my main desktop to Debian with Fluxbox. At some point we needed a replacement for an old FTP server that had been running on IIS and I suggested a Linux based replacement on spare hardware. That was the toe in the door that led to a variety of servers running a variety of services on Linux.
Once we had Linux running in the environment I began to get Red Hat certifications. As I added each certification, Linux became even easier to sell as a solution since the company had a known skill set to run it.

Comment: Re:Kill!!! (Score 0, Troll) 855

by warpup (#26270391) Attached to: Tales From the Support Crypt
Yeah, I have that problem too, only reverse. I am a Unix admin. I get screenshots pasted directly into Outlook that come to me as "OLE_embedded" in Thunderbird. Just attach a .jpg, don't embed it and just assume that someone else is using your same client to read your email. OTOH, I can reasonably assume that if they really wanted help they would have sent it in a readable format in the first place.

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by warpup (#22096632) Attached to: Bobby Fischer Is Dead At 64
Dammit, the proof is not in the pudding! Who puts the proof in the pudding, anyway? The saying is "The proof of the pudding is in the eating". And, just to stay on topic, Bobby is proof that unconventional thinking in one aspect of life can lead to difficulties if unchecked in other areas. Inspired becomes insane if the inspiration doesn't lead to success.

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