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Comment The best app ever for science and maths (Score 0) 165 165

It is call: Going to the library!

Seriously, teach your kids to use their heads not a glorified calculator.

When they get into the real world, they are not always going to have an iPad or some electronic device to think for them, they will have to use their own heads.

I have a 2.5yo, the first toy I bought him was a slide rule.

Comment The one and only console they will ever need: (Score 1) 267 267

A work bench, hammer(s), saw(s), screwdrivers, maybe some power tools, and adult supervision.

Make them use their hands and the brains to build some real memories, ones that can be shared through story telling and physically.

Get them one of those X in One electronic kits and teach them how to make a door bell and other things.

Comment Forget the pen (Score 2) 712 712

Look at the material you are writing on. No matter how fine a point you go, or how rapid drying the ink is, it will always bleed.

Paper absorbs moisture - any moisture.

Those globs of dry ink can be caused by the fibres in the paper as the ball/cup scrape across the surface removing dust like particles.

Comment I have seen this movie (Score 1) 529 529

It was called Sneakers.

But in the end, this sort of activism proves pointless as some govts guarantee the initial investment of bank customers.

All it would do in the end is destabilise the government and send some countries broke.

Unless that is the eventual goal.

egrep -n '^[a-z].*\(' $ | sort -t':' +2.0