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For fuck's sake... where in TFS or TFA was causation mentioned?
Having a correlation between two data sets opens the door for more research on that matter. Nobody said "THIS is because of THAT", but rather "THIS and THAT scale similarly, hmm..." which is a totally different thing.

So this finding might be further correlated with the following:

- given the same amount of time spent on the Internet (say 1h/day as base value), the amount of information retrieved from the Internet scales with broadband speed.
correlated with
- saving said information for later review (e.g. e-books, audiobooks, video files) increases the amount of information available offline which initially came from online sources.
correlated with
- the average wait time before someone gets bored and closes a potentially helpful webpage which for some reason doesn't load quickly enough.

Et caetera.

I agree that this simple correlation is not causation, but a web of such positive correlations might as well lay the foundation for an undeniable causation.

One more thing: for the love of _$deity_, don't look at historical datasets! Comparing the 80s data with current data is comparing apples and oranges.

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Sometimes even the rich are skinny, because of poor food availability for decades.
One of the reasons Russia and Eastern Europe produce beautiful ladies like there's no tomorrow. In all fairness, they wouldn't have been considered "beautiful" 60 years ago, but tastes change.

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by war4peace (#47702699) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

Thank you. Apparently the guy before has reading comprehension issues.
The general point is to make otherwise complex tasks as easy as possible for regular users. At least in my company, this has been a success.
Every new laptop comes with a fully automated installation method, where you only have to enter your corporate credentials and some data (e.g. desired machine name) and the setup package does everything else, including installation of drivers, printers, generic software, configuring your corporate e-mail, your corporate IM solution, shortcuts to most used web applications, support tools, etc.

Linux distributions sure as hell could do that also, but I think it's a matter of mentality, one of the factors being the idea of forcing users to learn themselves ("teach a man how to fish..."), but that doesn't really work.

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by war4peace (#47699709) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

That's because "IT" there is incompetent.
Setting printers up where I work, under Windows, is a breeze. You go to a web page, click on your location in the world, drill down to your country, city, building, click on the printer you which to have, click install, watch it install, print away. Point'n'grunt.

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