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Comment Re:Meh. Not cross-platform enough. (Score 2) 47

Um... isn't UE4 free of charge for development and then once your game exceeds 3K bucks a month they will take 5% of that?


The 5% royalty starts after the first $3,000 of revenue per product per quarter. Pay no royalty for film projects, contracting and consulting projects such as architecture, simulation and visualization.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 515

Confirming they run ads on many videos. Some are more bearable than others, and I'm really not sure if it's an uploader choice, a network choice or what.
Some videos have only one small mobile-like rectangular small add located at bottom-middle of the video, it tends to appear about 15-30 seconds in.
Other videos feature a series of such things, popping up every couple minutes or so, that's bloody annoying.
Other videos yet have a full-screen ad autoplaying right after the regular video ends.
And finally I've seen a couple occasions where the ad starts before the regular video starts, full-screen, unskippable, bloody fucking annoying. I usually just close that video and if this happens repeatedly for the same channel, I unsubscribe from that channel.

Comment Re:Hard to Believe (Score 1) 217

I do want to see adverts. But I want to see them the way I envision them to be displayed.
I want to be able to subscribe to advert types instead of letting the ad middleman make a guesswork based on which websites I access. I want text-based ads, located in a specific area, which I can glance at and scan quickly. I want to switch ad types quickly in that ad box if I need to.
So yes, I am curios about what's new in a certain area (e.g. games) and I don't mind well-placed, well-behaving, relevant ads. I don't mind them at all.
Sadly this is not how advertising works today.

Comment Re:elite workers paradise (Score 2) 217

with 50% of the staff fired now, they have removed the bottom 50% of performers.

My sarcasm meter went off the scale here but in the off-chance that you might have been serious...
That's quite the assumption there. Sorting employees by performance is never an easy task. It's actually really complicated.
A brilliant team with a shitty manager will look worse than a mediocre team with a half-competent manager. A group whose Director is friends with the VP will gat a pass ticket versus the group whose Director has clashed with the VP in the past. And so on.

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