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Comment Phew (Score 1) 86

For a brief moment I was worried they might have killed Flash. Then I noticed they only retired the name 'cause it was already pretty much synonymous of "malware installer".

For a moment I was worried about my job security. Please, Adobe, don't scare us IT security guys like that!

Comment Re:"AGW refugees" my ass (Score 1) 169

My guess would rather be that they neither heard about the ice age scare nor the global warming craze, but they simply saw that water is coming, that floods are getting more numerous and that it's safer to pack up and GTFO.

Some people don't need no statistics to know when to flee some place. Wet feet are more convincing than any amount of statistics.

Comment Re:All Israel would need to do is reference TOS? (Score 1) 492

Surprisingly, yes, Mein Kampf, while it mentions that his view of Jews is not a favorable one, does not outright demand their destruction.

But by 1941, Hitler not only made a "few" speeches where he explained in no uncertain words what he planned to do with the Jews. The Reichskristallnacht (pogrom night) happened in 1938. Ghettos were established from 1939 onwards. It was hardly a secret what the plan was, no matter what he originally wrote in Mein Kampf.

Comment Re:Far more abundant than lithium? (Score 1) 181

The cost of raw materials tends to drop as the demand rises. This sounds counter intuitive but what happens is that technological advances in finding and extracting raw material generate price drops. Think shale oil.
In theory the Earth is a finite resource, in practice human ingenuity overcomes scarceness.

That's like saying, "I didn't die between 9am and 11am this morning, so I have overcome death!"

Anything cut to length will be too short.