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Comment: Meh. (Score 1) 403

by wandazulu (#43006145) Attached to: Is the Wii U Already Dead?

My family and I considered getting one for Xmas, but as others and TFA points out, there weren't any games we were interested in. I appreciate that Nintendo always seems to make Zelda and Metroid games "right", but any guesses as to when there will be a Wii U Zelda? Also, didn't they say they were rebooting Zelda, so that makes more more willing to hold off.

Heck, I (might) get it for Mario Kart, but no, gotta wait for that too. Maybe when Zelda and Mario Kart is available I'd get a used Wii U, as I'm not sure I'd care enough to even splurge for a new one; the kids have already pretty much moved on to other things (especially LBP on the PS3) in addition to various iOS games. Geez, they're not even teenagers and they already see Nintendo games as "retro".

Comment: So give a Linux hardware company some love (Score 1) 518

by wandazulu (#40298475) Attached to: NewEgg: Installing Linux Breaks Laptop

System 76 will sell you a Linux-based laptop, as well as other companies (don't have additional links offhand) that take regular hardware (Lenovo, Dell, etc.) and will install Linux on it, and support it. At this point I buy hardware only from companies that support exactly what I want (e.g. MacOS, Apple, Linux, System76). Maybe I'm getting old (git off ma lawn!) but tracking down bleeding edge drivers for this and that equipment has ceased to be any fun; I want my machine to start up, get to a desktop, so I can do *my* stuff.

Comment: Re:Poor Use of Resources (Score 2) 50

by wandazulu (#40021297) Attached to: Kevin Bacon Meets Wikipedia With New Pathfinding Program

I don't know what these folks are doing, but I wrote a sort-of-similar-but-not-really system that uses Wikipedia data and all you need is the "pages" and "pagelinks" tables, which you then load into your own mysql database; no touching of the actual site is necessary (and allowed; they have some strict rules about spiders and you can get your IP banned for abuse).

Comment: One sound Gen-X'ers may remember (Score 3, Interesting) 231

by wandazulu (#39441587) Attached to: The Sounds of Tech Past

Two words:

1. Filmstrips
2. Beep

(For all you whippersnappers on my lawn, instead of watching actual movies, we'd watch essentially a roll of slide film that was projected, and the accompanying audio, on either tape or LP, would have the narrator pause, then a "BEEP" was made to indicate it was time for the oh-so-important (*cough*) member of the AV squad (only person who could be trusted to load the projector properly) to advance one frame).

Comment: Gotta dance (Score 2) 672

by wandazulu (#38609626) Attached to: Are Brain Teasers Good Hiring Criteria?

To quote Bob Fosse: I don't want people who want to dance; I want people who *need* to dance. That is what I look for during an interview, someone who clearly loves what they do and doesn't just sit around waiting for orders or just did whatever was told of them. I typically ask them about a project they were on, and if they get into the details, even if it's not exactly specific to programming but that they understand the "big picture", as well as their role in it, and look to see the eyes light up. It's especially Then I move on to the question that a lot of people don't expect, surprisingly, but is very telling: "What got you into programming?" Any flavor of "because it's really really cool" works; sadly a lot of responses are "it was either this or becoming a lawyer | dentist | whatever".

Comment: Not Sqlite (Score 2) 148

by wandazulu (#37380020) Attached to: PostgreSQL 9.1 Released

Just one small nitpick...sqlite is really meant as an embedded database into an application, it's not a full-fledged database like any of the others mentioned (it doesn't have networking, for example). I suppose you could be scaling up from an embedded sqlite db, but that suggests your application has gotten so big that an external database is necessary.

It's also one of the backing store options for Apple's Core Data framework.

Comment: Working during Nor'Easter at the WTC (Score 4, Interesting) 395

by wandazulu (#37225392) Attached to: Hurricane Irene Prompts Unprecedented Evacuation of NYC

I was working in World Trade Center #1, on the 95th floor, during the nor'easter of 1992, which if I recall was the remains of a hurricane. It was quite an intense experience; we had the space-saving "rolling file cabinets" that were rolling back and forth on their own, with one finally derailing and spilling files onto the floor (guess who had the job of cleaning it up). Bathroom stall doors were opening and closing by themselves, you could hear a definite creaking from inside the walls, and they were always shutting down the express elevator due to flex.

The thing that was really wild, though, and sadly not to be seen again, was looking out the window and being able to easily make out the other tower swaying as well. I had to keep telling myself "the buildings are designed for this...it's okay!" until it was time to go home.

Comment: Re:Ubuntu (Score 4, Informative) 204

by wandazulu (#36912010) Attached to: Oracle Announces Java SE 7

Funny enough, I just set up an Ubuntu box and decided to grab JDK 7 without knowing that today would be the day it was "released". As such, I downloaded it directly from Oracle/Sun/Java/Whatever..

Note, I then installed Eclipse Indigo, which was having some problems with some of the plugins. I added the following line to the eclipse.ini file and the problems went away:


Everything's working fine now.

Comment: How can you be sure it's identical? (Score 1) 315

by wandazulu (#36615910) Attached to: World's Best Chess Engine Outlawed and Disqualified

Note: I have absolutely no position on this issue; I am not taking sides at all. My only question is how you can be certain that two programs are identical when you presumably don't necessarily know how each was compiled. Assuming all you have of rybka is a binary, but have the source to fruit, how could you be certain that you could get the code to compile in such a way as to produce identical assembly as disassembled rybka. Assuming a general standard IA32 machine, you still presumably have a lot of opportunities for variation in output from compiler to compiler, version to version, and even flags to flags.

I restate that I have no horse in this particular race; I've read of similar scenarios where a program was discovered to be a clone of another, and I've never understood how they can tell.

An inclined plane is a slope up. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"