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Comment Maybe a Jewish home land is a bad idea? (Score 1) 487

Muslims hate Jews too much to ever let a Jewish homeland peacefully exist.

There are 1.6 billion Muslim opposing about 2 million Jews. Muslims have made no secret of their deep hatred of Jews. Muslims have made no secret of their religion commanding Muslims to kill Jews at any cost.

These days, maybe Jews would be safer if they were mixed in to the population of a secular western nation. That way there would be no centralized target.

Comment Re:Educate urselves: Palestinian/Israeli conflict (Score 1) 487

I am sorry, but I don't see how your response has anything what-so-ever to do with the link I posted.

Maybe you should watch the actual video? It is only 11 minutes long, and very informative.

The History of the Middle East Conflict in 11 Minutes

Comment Re:Just make Palestine an independent state alread (Score 1) 487

Palestinians have been offered statehood several times, they always turn it down. BTW: there never was a nation of Palestine, and it never concerned "Palestinians" before.

This conflict is not about land, or statehood, or anything like that. It is about Muslims hating Jews.

Muslims are deeply offended by the idea of Jews having a country where they can live in peace.

Israel has demonstrated that they are perfectly willing to live, in peace, with Arabs, or anybody. Israel gives Palestinians full citizenship rights. Palestinians can vote, own land, serve in the military, or hold public office. Other Muslim nations, like Saudi, would never give Palestinians such rights.

By contrast, Hamas has it written into their charter that they consider it their duty to kill every Jew on earth.

Comment Man sentenced to death in Saudia Arabia for (Score 1) 487

November 30, 2015: "Man sentenced to death in Saudia Arabia for “insulting Quran and spreading atheism”

This is a normal, everyday occurrence in the Muslim world. How often does this happen in Israel?

Just something for the Israel bashers to think about.

Comment Re:Educate urselves: Palestinian/Israeli conflict (Score 1) 487

> But a much better solution would be a single ethnically neutral country that didn't discriminate at all.

That is Israel. Arabs have full citizenship rights in Israel. Israel is a secular nation. Israel has never had a problem with living with Arabs, it's Arabs that are dedicated to wiping Israel off the map, and killing all Jews.

> Don't have any "rights" of "return" that are based on race or ethnicity or religion.

The idea of Israel is to provide a very tiny, but safe, space for Jews. If you remember, modern Israel was created right after WWII.

> Don't put things like marriage under some kind of religious authority

I agree, that was a mistake. But, certainly you cannot claim that Muslims nations are any better.

> Just have one (democratic) country with equal rights and justice for all.

That is Israel, everybody has the same rights. Which is much more than a nation like Saudi would ever offer.

Comment Israel is defending itself (Score 1) 487

against Muslim aggression.

Israel is entirely willing to live, in peace, with Arabs.

However, Muslims have hated Jews since the prophet Mohammad walked the earth. Hating Jews is commanded in Islam.

Hamas has launched thousands of rockets into Isreal. Hamas has Jew hatred written into Hamas's charter.

Comment Does this article have any credibility at all? (Score 1) 487

"Various sources?" Come on now. How do we know the entire thing is not made up?

Smells like political propaganda to me.

And this is from a website called:

Who are the contributors to that site?

Honorary Advisers to the Middle East Monitor
Dr Salman Abu Sita, Palestinian author and member of the Palestinian National Council
Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham, member of The House of Lords
Baroness Jennifer Tonge of Kew, member of The House of Lords
Dr Maria Holt, Lecturer of Democracy and Islam in the Centre for the Study of Democracy in the University of Westminster
Oliver McTernan, Co-Founder and Director of the Forward Thinking organisation
Professor Tariq Ramadan, Professor at Oxford University

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