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Comment: Controlling illegal immigration would be easy (Score 1) 398

by walterbyrd (#48551623) Attached to: Displaced IT Workers Being Silenced

Most illegals come to the US for jobs, or social services. Deny them that, and they will stop coming. Simple right?

Have a worthwhile ID system. Make it a criminal offense, with mandatory jail time, to hire an illegal. Make it practically impossible for illegals to go to school, have jobs, get social services, rent an apartment, buy a house, cash a check, or anything of that nature. And no more anchor babies either.

Watch how fast most illegals self deport. Watch how fast they stop coming.

At that point guarding the border would be much easier.

Comment: Dice adopted such a censorship policy long ago (Score 1) 398

by walterbyrd (#48551565) Attached to: Displaced IT Workers Being Silenced

Post an article on the dice forums that references an article that does not praise visa workers, and/or cry about the shortage of IT workers; and they will delete all of your posts, and ban you from the forums. It happened to me, among many others.

Of course, there are ways to get around it, but why bother. The Indian moderators that work for dice will not allow anything that does not conform to the official story that tech companies want the public to know.

I think dice owns slashdot, so it's interesting that stories like this can still be published on slashdot.

Comment: Stop the abuse - donate to NumbersUSA (Score 1) 398

by walterbyrd (#48551525) Attached to: Displaced IT Workers Being Silenced

IT workers have the power to stop this sort of abuse. But they don't.

If we want to change things, we need an organization that can raise money, lobby congress, and launch an effective information campaign. The abuse will not stip while we hold to the belief that griping about the situation will change things.

I donate to NumbersUSA. They are not the ideal organization to represent IT workers, but probably the best we have. If more IT workers donated to NumbersUSA, and let NumbersUSA know that we would donate more, if NumbersUSA would fight harder for the interests of IT workers; I think that might be somewhat effective.

The abuse of IT workers will not stop unless we make it stop.

Comment: Such lawsuits are not rare - usually done by BSA (Score 1) 268

As I understand it, the BSA is largely owned, and controlled by MS.

In deference to the article's claim that "Despite being one of the most pirated software vendors in the world, Microsoft doesn't have a long track record of cracking down on individual pirates."

MS has a very long record of such lawsuits, MS just does not file the lawsuits directly.

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