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Comment So they want our complete URL history? (Score 4, Interesting) 128 128

Sounds like a not too subtle excuse to send every URL you type back to your targeted advertising file at Google. Were there a separate search box, I'd be less cynical, but one has to wonder if this was always their vision for what the browser bar should do.

Comment Re:One question (Score 1) 336 336

Don't forget to read the reviews!

A caution to people buying these: if you do not follow the "directional markings" on the cables, your music will play backwards. Please check that before mentioning it in your reviews.

I installed one of these cables between my gigabit ethernet switch and my Canon Pixma 6700 color printer. I know it's not a sanctioned use, but I was looking for the ultimate in speed and color fidelity. I'm freaky that way.

The first time I downloaded a picture to the printer over this cable, the bits moved so fast the printer collapsed into a naked singularity, right there in my office.

Since then, I can't find the cat, and my entire set of VAX/VMS 4.7 documentation (DEC Will Rise Again!) (Mmmmm, orangey!) has gone missing.

Please, for the love of God, please, do not use these cables! The very existence of Earth may depend on your decision!

Comment Re:One damn tool - pay for 200 unnecessary ones (Score 1) 378 378

Most of those people could get by with Photoshop Elements instead of Photoshop, and there are even cheaper alternatives if that's still too much. Honestly, I'd prefer it keep working the way it does rather than getting a $10 gutted version with in app sales or "software as a service" model feature rentals.

Photoshop CS6 now optionally supports Content Aware Fill for $1 a use or $15 a month!!!

Fuck no.

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