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Comment My favorite are the window spear phishers (Score 1) 145

I had a guy going for almost 10 mins on the promise that I had a whole network of computers to infect.
Them: Sir we have found a problem with your computer and we need to fix it
Me: Which computer do you want me to log, I have 10 of them
Them: The one with windows 7
Me: They all have windows 7 please just tell me which one it is and we can move forward with fixing the problem
Repeat variations of the last two sentences for 10 mins and it too the guy about that long to realize he was being messed with and start swearing. I then told him he should get a real job instead of scamming people.

Comment Great, another inflationary new statement (Score 2) 336

The author of the article must have been running around the street, naked, screaming "fusion is here", "fusion is here". I'm not that excited. For one nobody has said anything about efficiency. Its easy to maintain a plasma if your dumping enough energy into it, so how much energy did they dump into it? Nobody knows. You have to confine the plasma, and get more energy out than you put in. I'm not convinced that they did this. Congrats for producing the longest lasting plasma "flame". But I can make a plasma "flame" in my microwave for minutes at a time. So tell me how much energy did they produce? I'll bet they didn't break even or everyone would be running naked through the streets.

Comment Kids these days never had it so good! (Score 2) 190

The first computer my dad got was a 286 which didn't work but we got it upgraded to a 386! It didn't come with a hard drive so guess what? I learned really quick about memory and how to load floppies and run c prompt commands to play my games. Most of the time after that if a new game came out you had to buy new hardware. I still remember fretting and trying to figure out how to get a TSR driver out of the memory so my game could fit in it. When I learned about microprocessors in college, I was the last class to wirewrap an 8088 together. I wasn't that good at it and some of the connections broke, so some times when I added chips I ended up rewiring hundreds of connections. My point is 1) If you only have to connect some cables, life isn't that bad. 2) Sometimes waiting is good, You have a lot of thinking time when you have to wait. 3) Even if a project is difficult, as long as its do-able I think it helps a lot. There are plenty of real world projects that take a tremendous amount of time, effort and patience before you have the payoff and learning those lessons as a kid will only help prepare you for the future.

Comment The answer is: you betcha! Restart those plants! (Score 1) 313

The first generation nuclear plants should be shut down. Fukushima was such a plant, so was Chernobyl. The cooling systems don't have enough fail-safes. Its not a question of is nuclear power safe, its a question of is a first generation plant safe? Is a second generation plant safe? When you buy a car, they make them differently and they get individual safety ratings. A ford pinto is like a first generation plant, any damage to it and its going to burst into flames. They have 4th generation plants in the works with passive cooling! Don't even get me started on why we don't have molten salt reactors or fast reactors.

Comment Why are we propagating propaganda? (Score 1) 320

Isn't this article an avenue for the defense contractor to reach out to the public and whine that they didn't get their contract? I get it, turbo props are retro and they still work and they are cheap. But if you enter the political realm of defense contracting you'll be knee deep in sewage. It isn't about what works all the time, its about scratching other peoples backs and you'd better be able to make your contract look Tony Stark cool if you want to get it, like the F-35

Comment There are better ways (Score 1) 143

If your going to college:
1) Find a collage that is cheap, move out of state if necessary, if you get in state tuition in another state it could save you tens of thousands and offset the cost of flights you might have to take home
2) Pick your major before you start, then can get exactly the classes you need
3) Learn the system - know more than the school councilors do and pick your own classes, do the research. It will save you time and money. Know all dates of when you can add\drop classes.
4) Get decent grades - don't retake classes
5) Make sure you get an appropriate workload
6) Get a scholarship, if you don't then work. If you get a scholarship, school is your job
7) Don't spend money. I had a roomate that would spend about double every time we would grab some food. They would also throw there money around and buy stuff they didn't need. If your on loans, every dollar spent has the potential to be a 2$ to 4$ loss down the road. So a 5$ fast food run could be a 20$ meal depending on how diligent you are in paying your loans.
8) Party, but within reason. If you party your life away, a missed semester will not only set you back the money you had to pay for it. But you'll also get a job later which will also translate into lost opportunity.

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