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Comment The answer is: you betcha! Restart those plants! (Score 1) 313

The first generation nuclear plants should be shut down. Fukushima was such a plant, so was Chernobyl. The cooling systems don't have enough fail-safes. Its not a question of is nuclear power safe, its a question of is a first generation plant safe? Is a second generation plant safe? When you buy a car, they make them differently and they get individual safety ratings. A ford pinto is like a first generation plant, any damage to it and its going to burst into flames. They have 4th generation plants in the works with passive cooling! Don't even get me started on why we don't have molten salt reactors or fast reactors.

Comment Why are we propagating propaganda? (Score 1) 320

Isn't this article an avenue for the defense contractor to reach out to the public and whine that they didn't get their contract? I get it, turbo props are retro and they still work and they are cheap. But if you enter the political realm of defense contracting you'll be knee deep in sewage. It isn't about what works all the time, its about scratching other peoples backs and you'd better be able to make your contract look Tony Stark cool if you want to get it, like the F-35

Comment There are better ways (Score 1) 143

If your going to college:
1) Find a collage that is cheap, move out of state if necessary, if you get in state tuition in another state it could save you tens of thousands and offset the cost of flights you might have to take home
2) Pick your major before you start, then can get exactly the classes you need
3) Learn the system - know more than the school councilors do and pick your own classes, do the research. It will save you time and money. Know all dates of when you can add\drop classes.
4) Get decent grades - don't retake classes
5) Make sure you get an appropriate workload
6) Get a scholarship, if you don't then work. If you get a scholarship, school is your job
7) Don't spend money. I had a roomate that would spend about double every time we would grab some food. They would also throw there money around and buy stuff they didn't need. If your on loans, every dollar spent has the potential to be a 2$ to 4$ loss down the road. So a 5$ fast food run could be a 20$ meal depending on how diligent you are in paying your loans.
8) Party, but within reason. If you party your life away, a missed semester will not only set you back the money you had to pay for it. But you'll also get a job later which will also translate into lost opportunity.

Comment Re:Enough with the cloud crap already!! (Score 1) 445

Don't forget convenience, if the power and\or internet goes out, the cloud is gone. If your away from the cell tower, the cloud is gone. If you have a hard drive, you have all your data. To get more storage space than most people need in a lifetime, you can spend 50$ and get a 1tb drive. Or you can get dropbox for at least 10 bucks a month, guess which is the cheaper option. Somebody needs to develop an open dropbox that lets you access your own files.

Comment Is there a problem? (Score 2) 121

Why does my wallet need replacing? It does everything I need it to, and more importantly, it allows me to control my money via more physical means. I'm fine with swiping cards. Cash is fine too. The best part about it is I don't have to give my info to another third party who is going to find ways to take my money.

Comment Economies of scale is a problem (Score 1) 90

The problem is not all in the extraction, the problem is in the growth. I had a buddy that worked on a algae oil business project, and they found that it is not economical because of the costs in building\maintaining the ponds and water ect. They found it was barely economical if you could find an existing pond, like cooling ponds found in many industries. Like all bio tech stuff, even if we could make it economical, we would have to destroy other ecologies (and farmland) to make room for biofuels and convert massive amounts of land. http://spectrum.ieee.org/energy/renewables/biofuels-arent-really-green

Comment Same as BP oil spill (Score 1) 117

Have you heard about the BP oil spill lately? Probably not, why? Because the bacteria in the gulf ate most of it. Yes it did cause localized problems. I come from a place where nature can kill you if you don't pay attention to it, it has far bigger forces than we realize. There are people that complain about where we put roads and how much environmental 'damage' they cause. The roads they shut down 20 years ago in the forests are unrecognizable in most places, the ones in the desert take a little longer. If we all disappeared from the earth tomorrow, in 100 years you wouldn't find much, in 1000 you'd find really little, even metal goes away eventually. I wish people would be reasonable about the planet we live on, if we weren't here the earth's processes and live would continue on like they have since day 1.

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