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Comment: Re:Lego building != Architect (Score 1) 72

by waimate (#46362929) Attached to: Resurrects 'Flappy Bird' As Programming Lesson

Yes, it's Scratch-like in construction -- but it excludes concepts like loops and branching. This tutorial is really not much more than configuring a couple of parameters in a pre-built flappy-bird game.

I'm a big fan of Scratch, of, and of teaching kids how to code. But sad to say this offering misses the point entirely.

Comment: Re:Fahrenheit is more naturally understood (Score 1) 359

Temperature doesn't have the absurd issue of units that the other measurements have. If Faremheit included features like "12 degrees to a larksvomit, 3 larksvomits to a thrumblehorn", so a 75 degree day would actually be expressed as "3 thromblehorns and a larksvomit", then it would have the same issue.

The problem isn't the magnitude of these things, the problem is the absurd units and multiples involved.

Comment: Re:Christmas (Score 1) 152

by waimate (#45790805) Attached to: Apollo 8 Astronaut Re-Creates 1968 Christmas Broadcast To Earth

What about 'shortest day' is it that trips you up?

It's that when the advert says "Jaws 12, coming to a theatre near you not far from the longest day of the year", I have no idea when to don my Jaws 11 T-shirt and head down to the multiplex.

Anyway, happy Generic Solstice to you !

Comment: Re:Christmas (Score 1) 152

by waimate (#45790281) Attached to: Apollo 8 Astronaut Re-Creates 1968 Christmas Broadcast To Earth

I'm not sure what you're saying. I think you're saying christmas is a shortest day celebration, and that therefore in the southern hemisphere christmas should be observed in June. I think you're saying the southern hemisphere is doing the right thing on the wrong date.

If you never said 'christmas == cold' (two equal signs, note), you certainly did say 'christmas == shortest day', and by virtue of physics 'shortest day == cold'.

Seasons are local effects, but many inwardly-focussed societies don't grasp that. Whenever I see an ad that says "coming this summer", my immediate reaction is "when the fuck is that?". I'm not being obtuse for the sake of it, I'm just being tripped up by someone using a metric that is not appropriate for indicating time. I have to consider a) where I am, b) where the ad writer was, c) whether the ad writer has a global view (usually not), d) convert.

What do you in the north do to celebrate the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere? I'm guessing not much (and rightly so) !

Comment: Re:Christmas (Score 2) 152

by waimate (#45785379) Attached to: Apollo 8 Astronaut Re-Creates 1968 Christmas Broadcast To Earth

But when it's cold, food is scarce and everything seems to be fighting to live, even some wild animals share what is available. Merry Christmas everyone.

Well, I've looked out the window, and it's none of those things. The sun is shining, it's hot, the grass is green and I think I might go for a swim. Oh, and by the way, it's also tomorrow.

You hemispherist, you.

Comment: Re:Qantas has uses RFID tags (Score 1) 123

by waimate (#44193043) Attached to: British Airways Set To Bring Luggage Tags Into the 21st Century

Yep, only domestic, and moreover only when your entire journey involves major domestic airports. If you're flying from one capital to another and then onward to somewhere interesting, the Q-Tag she no work. Great for business travellers; not so good for people travelling with fishing rods or BCDs :(

Doubtless the reach will spread in time, but in the years I've had them, I've been asked to take them off more often than I've been able to leave them on.

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