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Comment: Re:Upside Down World (Score 0) 443

by wahini (#42489055) Attached to: Facebook Lands Drunk Driving Teen In Jail

In many other parts of the world, gun ownership is legally required (after your mandatory militia service). Such places have very low violent crime rates. What's your point?

Can you name one of the countries that do that. Israel does NOT allow gun ownership unless you live in or frequently travel to "the settlements" (kibbutz's). The military hasn't allowed troops to bring their guns home for years, they are stored at the post.

Switzerland, no longer allows it's soldiers to bring home guns either. Crime rate is still low too ;)

Remember, guns don't stop crimes, people do!

Comment: Re:Before you make fun... (Score 1) 98

by wahini (#38155338) Attached to: The Physics of Wine Swirling
You are basically right, although it is directly the amount of alcohol in the wine creating the legs, which reflects the percentage of sugar which has been converted to wine. Sometimes they add alcohol or more sugar to create a higher alcohol content in the wine, so a sweet wine could have a high alcohol content as a result, but traditionally a wine with more alcohol has less sugar content, because that is needed to create the alcohol unless the wine is fortified with alcohol.

Comment: A practial look an fanboy-ism (Score 1) 272

by wahini (#36782746) Attached to: The Science Behind Fanboyism
If you identify with any of the tools you use: OS's, programming languages, platforms, then an attack on the tool you identify with, is an attack on yourself. You will vehemently defend an attack on your self identity. The only practical way to avoid fanboy-ism is to be a professional and not to identify with your tools, simply realize, that every useful thing is a tool and not 'who you are'. Then you can give a professional opinion on any of your tools, the pluses and minuses, without having to feel threatened emotionally.

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by wahini (#30384916) Attached to: D-Link's New Boxee Box Runs Linux, Eyes Netflix
Obviously, nobody here can "think out of the boxee", what pathetically pablum sucking dweebs. Since the size is about that of a coke can, you can't stack anything on it and if would fit next to anything you already have. Of course, the RF remote control means it doesn't have to be visible at all! Now get back in to your boxes and go back to sleep.

Comment: The Irony of It All (Score 1) 135

by wahini (#28828947) Attached to: Bacterial Computer Solves Hamiltonian Path Problem

Keyboards are supposed to have more bacteria than a toilet seat. That means every time I start typing a program I have destroyed the solution to one of life's great problems. My keyboard solves problems I couldn't possibly program solutions too!!

I guess I should just retire and each day take a picture of my keyboard to save the current solution to a problem, then piss on it to erase the current solution and start the new program running. I guess if it is not to complex a problem, I can take a picture of my toilet seat to solve it.

Currently, the bacteria on my keyboard has the solution "42", but I don't know what the question is??? Oh piss on it.

Machines certainly can solve problems, store information, correlate, and play games -- but not with pleasure. -- Leo Rosten