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Comment: Missing letter: k (Score 2) 141

by wagr (#46288013) Attached to: Two Ubuntu Phones Coming In 2014, Aiming For Top 50 iOS/Android Apps

Aiming for top 50k apps. Anything less than supporting all the apps I use simply diminishes the value. I don't need to switch to a less valuable device.
The type of people who value less closed systems are also those, as a group, with a wide range of needs. If I value my privacy and am willing to use less popular devices, why would I then be willing to use the most popular apps?

What I believe the ecosystem needs more than another device are apps that provide features available in the popular ones, but with the least possible amount of information gathering or sharing.

Comment: Re:I lost count, but that's okay (Score 1) 167

by wagr (#45229931) Attached to: I've done my current job in X time zones ...

:: chuckle :: Impressed I was able to get out of the basement? It's not that hard once you learn to turn to doorknob. Well, we started in Istanbul before it was called Istanbul. Then we moved to London. Eventually we settled in [redacted]. We used pita before we could get the right kind of flour for what we now call pizza dough. And you could order any toppings you wanted as long as you only wanted olives.

Actually no, not pizza. Customizing software for order/processing - businesses like t-shirt printing, box building (including pizza boxes), rental management. Outside of three time zones in the USA, the rest were southern or western Pacific. Lots of little stuff like coding for tax rules and resizing forms to make invoices with kanji readable.

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by wagr (#45085867) Attached to: My productivity peaks between...

I wake up at 4am; I get up to full steam about 6-6:30 and start to fade around 10am. Then, when going out with friends, there is another burst of activity 6pm - 8pm. This second wind is not necessarily productive in terms of tasks finished, but it is a lot more productive in fun terms: alcohol consumed, dice rolled, etc.

Comment: When someone is talking to you (Score 1) 417

by wagr (#43183941) Attached to: If I could (or had to) ban texting in one place ...

More generally, when a person is present and attempting to communicate with you. An exception can be made for when said person is harming you or texting you. Or if said person is your parent - minors are legally allowed (obligated?) to ignore their parents if they let you have a texting device.

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Calling it a watch would be misleading. Smartphones today could be called an iWatch as they mimic those watches we kept in a pocket (maybe on a chain or strap) and pulled them out when we wanted to know the time. Just that now we expect it to do more than tell time.

I imagine something a wider (along the forearm) than the old wristwatches we loved 20 years ago to give a reasonable* size screen. The rest works a lot like a smartphone.

*reasonable:less of an adjustment than we made to a smartphone screen after attaching larger and larger screens to our desktop computers.

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