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Comment Re:HOSTS file (Score 2) 418

Google does the same thing. Both Android devices and chromecast ignore the DNS in the DHCP negotiation and use Google DNS servers at least for netflix. This makes it more difficult to use DNS-based region modifiers like unblock-us, since you have to block and at the router.

Comment Re: Linux and Bloat (Score 3, Insightful) 108

Not true. There may be things in the kernel that could be in user space, or in a kmod, or done in a driver. Linus is concerned about the code that 100% of Linux users are required to have, not the stuff that can be easily added or removed from an install.

Comment Re:Reasonable Access (Score 1) 267

The last 2 places I worked facebook and YouTube have been required for my job. One was working on firmware for a networking appliance, the other was an Internet security application. When a user calls in with a problem I need to be able to reproduce without jumping through some idiotic IT hoops, otherwise I'm wasting my time and the user's. Oh, and 1 of those companies was a company with over 100k employees, I very much doubt IT knew about every product the company created. Are you certain no one in your company, like maybe your social media manager, has a good reason to have open Internet access?

Comment Re:Don't Mess With Taxes (Score 1) 379

You see this a lot in Canada, where you generally have at least a couple choices of publicly-funded schools in any area. Catholic schools are considered slightly better than secular, and French are better than English (outside of Quebec and New Brunswick, anyway). The reason is just that the default choice is secular English. The more work the parents have to do to get their kid into a school, the more support there will be at home for the kid to succeed.

Comment Re:Registered to vote != Voted (Score 1) 609

There are always rare cases where someone is declared legally dead before word reaches their body, sometimes by many years. There will also always be people who voted by mail then die before the election. It's possible the law they were debating was for these sorts of things.

Comment Re:Only Two Futures? (Score 1) 609

Maybe an American can answer this for me: Why must a third party focus on the Presidency?
It seems like the easiest election to win would be in the house, and the balance between the current 2 parties is so tight that a handful of seats would provide a balance of power position to a third party, allowing them to push through some legislation, which may at least make the news before dying in the Senate. Why does this not happen?

Comment Re:You have a patent (Score 1) 125

You're kidding, right? About half the people I work with have at least 1 patent. Every large company brags about how many patents they have and every patent has a couple people listed as inventors. While patent numbers and titles should be on your resume, they don't differentiate you from anyone who worked at a company large enough to employ a team of lawyers whose job is to search for patentable work.

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