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Comment Re:Why? (Score 0) 484 484

Because people don't know the sh*t they are talking about but think they are experts in everything... Some decided, mainly after the Chernobyl incident, that nuclear energy is bad energy. Every sane energy expert will tell you that Nuclear fuel is one of the best way to produce energy, it's effective, reject no greenhouse gases and have minimum impact on environment.

Comment You really happy to be a haters? (Score 1) 403 403

I don't understand all this hate shit against Star Wars VII. Movie is in early stage, last SW movie was quite good (SWIII), ok we had two "bad" one before, but the III still a pretty decent prequel. Bunch of old school actors are back, JJ didn't made a bad job with Star Trek (way better than any previous ST movie previously release than JJ ones). I don't think disney made a bad Job with X-Men franchise nor Iron Man, nor Avengers (those movies revenues are speaking by themselves). At least have decency to wait the movie release before hating it...

Comment Funniest line ever!!! (Score 1) 72 72

"especially given the millions companies spend on security and their intense focus on compliance" You wish! For 99% of company, network/computer security is on last tier priority list, even farther when you talk about investment... From a Network Security Specialist.

Comment Re: And in other news... (Score 1) 506 506

Right from your article :
"Its efforts, accompanied by threats of legal action and fines, to add French phrases and slogans to those trade names prompted six major American retailers to take the province to court last month."

Which is exactly what I said, you can use your Eglish name as long as you add a description in French...

You know you should read the article before using it to make a point...

Comment Re: And in other news... (Score 1) 506 506

Wow you don't know anything about Bill 101. No company ever been force to change their name. All the bill is asking is a a french description when you use an English name (Best Buy is known in Quebec as "Best Buy Magasin d'électronique"). KFC decided to change their name in Qc to Poulet Frit Kentucky (PFK) to be more appeiling to Franch Canadians (so it's a pure capitalism reason).

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