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Comment: you never used 10.4, did you? (Score 1) 184

by SuperBanana (#46828289) Attached to: You Can Now Run Beta Versions of OS X—For Free

You never used 10.4, did you?

Certain versions of 10.4 would randomly corrupt the filesystem such that files would start occupying the same chunk of disk space (crosslinked files, I think the term is?)

I saw someone get fired because of that bug (well, not really. She was fired because she was working on client files on her computer and not on the servers, which were backed up...and then the files were hosed by MacOS.)

I think it wasn't until 10.6 or so that many of the mystery problems (that cropped up and went away if you deleted+re-added something...printer, network interface, so on etc) were by and large solved.

10.7 and 10.8 are by and large rock solid. Any time someone comes to us complaining their Mac is crashing randomly, it's *always* a hardware failure. 10.9 is quite solid as well; I wish I could say the same for my late-2013 retina MBP. That and the changes to how MBP's sleep (no sleep indicator, and no way to separate "screen goes to sleep" from "computer goes to sleep", without hacking plists) pisses me off, but has yet to piss me off enough to get down to the Apple Store to have it looked at.

Comment: Re:Well. (Score 1) 188

by Nom du Keyboard (#46826153) Attached to: How Apple's Billion Dollar Sapphire Bet Will Pay Off

Also, there is some speculation on several different sites that Apple may not intend to use sapphire for the screen, but instead for the camera lens. They currently use it on the camera lens and the home button. I wonder if it's something they could use in other things that don't currently use Gorilla Glass, like macbook screens?

That's an awful lot of sapphire that they'll be making if it's just for camera lenses and the Home button.
And if the MacBook isn't already using GG, then why does it need sapphire?
Not making sense here.

Comment: Re:Well. (Score 1) 188

by Nom du Keyboard (#46826073) Attached to: How Apple's Billion Dollar Sapphire Bet Will Pay Off

If Gorilla Glass is so superior to sapphire, then why is Apple going to such expense for an inferior material?
Is it just that people will buy sapphire iPhones over GG iPhones? I doubt that.
I expect that there are advantages to sapphire that you're missing.
I know of a lot of GG iPhones with cracked/shattered displays, so there must be some room for improvement.

Comment: Re:Half the price, half the range, none of the app (Score 1) 384

by dbc (#46819427) Attached to: Will the Nissan Leaf Take On the Tesla Model S At Half the Price?

Well, not quite. People who chose a Leaf over a Tesla are looking for an econo-box to comute with. The Tesla is a no-compromise luxury car. The Leaf is an unappologetic economy car. I could afford Tesla, a couple of friends have them and they are nice. But we are looking at a Leaf purely as an econo-box. I'm long past trying to impress people with what I drive.

Comment: Re:Missing a rather large point (Score 1) 136

by dbc (#46787565) Attached to: Plant Breeders Release 'Open Source Seeds'

Well,not quite. It is anti-unstabalized-hybrid. In many cases, a single additional cross will stablize a hybrid. Seed companies don't, because it serves as built-in license enforcement. The reason Monsanto has so much trouble with soy beans is that there is no such thing as an unstable hybrid soy bean. With maize, OTOH, this works great, you can create an unstable hybrid and sell that as the seed companies do now, or with a single additonal cross, stabilize the hybrid.

Comment: Re:BS (Score 1) 359

by dbc (#46763673) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

I, personally, have no need to move, having gotten in some time back and now have a house that has gone *up* in value over $800K over the past few years. The housing prices are a problem because it makes it difficult to hire people, because the commute from Castro Valley and other points East is... ummm... unpleasant. Your attitude seems rather parochial and insenstitive, and doesn't really move the ball forward in either clarifying the problem or suggesting a solution.

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