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Comment: Re:The Onion said it best (Score 1) 526 526

No, it takes like two minutes for me if I'm being extra careful. I have a goatee which admittedly cuts down on the area a bit, but not THAT much. I also use feather blades, which are the sharpest you can get.

I can do my head in about 10 minutes if I hit it with the clippers first.

Comment: Re:$20 million dollar tax incentive (Score 2) 103 103

No, it's a completely idiotic point.

It's $20M in taxes that they wouldn't have seen anyhow if the datacenter was built in another state. But the state gains from all the income, sales, property, etc. taxes that the employees pay.

No matter how big the tax break, it's ALWAYS a net gain to the tax base.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?