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Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 2) 144

well I think you hit one thing on the head - when netflix was the only game in town it was awesome because you got access to so much more - but when content providers all started to try to get in on the act everything went all over the place - sometimes on one but not the others, sometimes on the provider's own site, sometimes only on cable - it is an extreme example of competition making a more expensive and worse product - all of which actually helps to fuel piracy rather than fight it. content providers really should all pool together and provide all of the services with content and let the services provide bonus features, like self produced programming, live programming, etc rather than catalog releases

Comment Re:I'm personally affected (Score 1) 95

no it doesn't, the 9th amendment just states that not all rights are enumerated in the constitution. Essentially it allows for the challenge to laws, it doesn't grant rights. If I were to say - slap around a minor - it isn't protected by the 9th amendment even though it isn't enumerated or outlined that minors are subject to all rights in the constitution as they are under guardianship (so damage would be taken up in a civil court). You can say the same with driving your car in a public park, or any number of laws that are violations of state or civil code but not enumerated in the constitution.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 698

yes it says you have the right to bear arms - but the lack of definition in the amendment also doesn't say that the government shall not put any limitations on what constitutes this (eg, you can't own a nuclear weapon) - that being said - as electrical weapons are not regulated... it should be open.

Comment Re:Great Economy? (Score 1) 293

So why don't we talk about the number of "working families" instead of the total number of individuals working?

exactly, that is the issue with wage stagnation (like you are talking about)- I still think it is crazy that I had to take a huge dip in pay after the dot com crash in 2000 and only this year have i been able to make what I did then. We just had our first kid this year (me at 43)- all because of finances and still need to both work in order to keep afloat. In the 50's you would never see this happen - that time table would be back at least 15 years, the average family would be able to on one family member's middle class wage afford to buy a house and raise their 2.5 kids without struggling against it.

Comment software (Score 1) 1880

I do audio production and although some people swear by mac, you just have more options on a widows machine with so many 3rd party developers and amazing freeware options thanks to things like sythedit. Linux on the other hand is a bitch to do anything audio-wise - I keep all of my machines dual booting because I actually like linux but it just isn't functional for what I do at home.

Comment Re:Just like the "war on illegal variable X" (Score 1) 338

While I'm all for protecting our rights, changing the system to everybody is protected, and making sure our votes count, let's not kid ourselves, we're still just whining about our first world problems of not having enough luxuries.

actually we are complaining that people with money are "whining about our first world problems of not having enough luxuries" and pushing laws and regulations to crack down on the populace for not giving them an unending supply.

Comment Re:Jailbreak != Root (Score 1) 138

last time I checked there were not custom IOS ROMs out there.

it would certainly be awesome if there were - though the whole monopoly on the hardware thing is what prevents it, most ROMs are compiled from other base ROMs and tweaked or rebuilt - as there is only one iOS and one line of hardware you don't really have the diversity of base developer ROMs to work from.

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