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Submission Using nanoparticles to boil water for less £->

vswee writes: "Generating steam, typically requires vast amounts of energy to heat and eventually boil water or another fluid. Now researchers at Rice University have found a shortcut. Using light-absorbing nanoparticles suspended in water, the group was able to turn the water molecules surrounding the nanoparticles into steam while scarcely raising the temperature of the remaining water. The trick could dramatically reduce the cost of many steam-reliant processes."
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Submission Skype taking a page from Darth Vader->

vswee writes: "The wonderful VOIP service that so many of us have grown to love over the years for it's ease of use and cost effectiveness, is now crossing over to the dark side. (Hence the reference to DV)

The company was recently bough over by Microsoft for a cool $8.5b

Does this ruin skype for you as much as it has for me?"

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Submission RIP Flip Camera->

vswee writes: "Granted it makes me sad to hear 550 people losing their jobs but the Flip camera has been a terrible product for a long time. The quality was meh for 720p, they didn’t have image stabilization and when they did it was bad stabilization that made people nauseous, AND even when they ran ad campaigns on YouTube half of those YouTubers filmed those videos with a superior camera.

Also the Slide HD.retarded."

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