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Comment Re:He is not avoiding tax, not doing charity eithe (Score 2) 174

Yes in the sense that there is no (actual) tax advantage or legal need for moving the shares from his personal account to the LLC.
No in the sense that without the LLC and PR hoopla selling a large amount of stock by the Founder/CEO/Majority share holder would shake investor confidence wipe out the valuation of FB stock pretty quickly. Since Zuck already did is 'one-time-huge-sale' at the IPO where he sold $1b of stock he has more than enough personal cash for anything he could reasonably claim as the reason for selling a large percentage of his remaining shares.

With the intermediary vehicle in place there is a blanket reason for divestiture and he can have a standing sell order of $10-100M worth of shares sold on a monthly basis. Then when the LLC sells the stock (however quickly) it is understood that the LLC needs $$ for operating and investments not as a lack of confidence in his own company.

Comment Re:Backup solutions not the end of the story (Score 1) 168

The controller chip on the sd card doesn't have access to the "switch".
It is nominally wired to a pin on the board that is honored by the OS level driver. A hacked drive could override (ignore) the status of the RO pin.
Also Micro SD [and Mini?] don't have the 'read-only] slider bit I believe there is a software version of the pin but it's been years since I've had to hack on one those drivers.

Comment Re:There is more than transportation time (Score 1) 211

Of the dozen or so cities I have used the metro/subway system Paris is by far the worst [croweded and rude people] and least reliable (multiple breakdowns). Mexico City has a better run metro system and that's just sad.
Considering that Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, and Milan are all relatively close comparables and infinitely better in pretty much all aspects in my experience.
If you think the Paris subway is acceptable much less 'good' then I just have to assume you are a gallophile that has no comparable experience.

Comment Re:You'd be surprised (Score 1) 69

There are 18 Fortune 500 companies in Minnesota. 17 of which are in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis-St. Paul.
There is also Cargill .. which Forbes' lists as the largest private company. Actually valuation is now known but is estimated around 55 billion. (more than double ADM at a market cap of 21 billion).
There is also Carlson which owns hotel changes, and resorts such as Radisson, among others.

So yeah. There is a lot of money here.

Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 1) 242

When coming to the US there is really one criteria above all else ... that you will return when your trip is over.
Having family (close or other wise) in the US is generally a knock against.
Showing roots outside the US is a big plus.
Having a history of coming and *going* is a big plus.
Over staying is a big NAK.

she was denied on the grounds that she didn't have close family living in the USA.

That specifically is a fabrication. The US emphatically will *never* tell you why your visa was approved or denied.

Hope this helps.

Comment Re:Leave the USA and come to Malaysia (Score 1) 464

I've been in KL but I have no idea what kind of income you could make doing software there.
You would probably be better off getting a paid in Singapore and living in Malaysia.
I know Malaysia has been getting some high tech fab work and contact mfg.

I suspect there is more software work in India ... where hardware fabrication is pretty rare (I suspect that is changing?)

Comment Re:Twin Cities (Score 1) 464

Seagate is still here ... (Bloomington and Shakopee AFAIK).

In exchange for a few bad weeks in winter you get a food and arts scene that is at least competitive with the coasts. A generally heath conscious population and a lot of outdoor activities year round. Cost of living is pretty reasonable.

Did I mention the food scene? Minneapolis' best restaurants don't have Michelin stars but they are aren't far off the mark. Lots of award winning chefs doing interesting stuff here.

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