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Comment Re:Refinishing roads (Score 1) 183

Yes, placing all utilities under the road instead of through the road (as it is today) is the right thing to do.

Only in those areas with a frost depth of zero inches: Parts of far South California, New Mexico, and Florida.
frost map

Unless by utilities you are excluding sewer and water and including power and cable (which primarily run overhead in most locations).

Comment Re:Behind (Score 2) 34

Based on silicon and mfg or based on support and software support?
And at what quantities?

Yeah, last year Qualcomm was all the shiz. But can you move 100K+ parts/month? No? Then it's off the table.

Broadcom, Nvidia, even TI (worse parts and massively worse support, IMO) same, same same.
Bottom line? I'd recommend Freescale 9 times out of 10 for any of the medium to small players if I was looking for a high end ARM SOC.

For the smallish player Freescale is you best supported higher end ARM SOC. The fact that they have almost (or none?) of their own custom IP works in your favor.

Need a tweak to the VPU or GPU interface [kernel change] on TI, NVidia, Boradcom, Qualcomm ? Answer -- not possible as they licensed the IP or giving out any programming information about the IP (NVidia .. looking at you) is a non-starter, even under NDA, assuming the above 100K (or 1M?) / month is not already pre-purchased.

If you are looking to build 10M phones your damn right to go to Qualcomm .. the LTE alone makes it the cheapest option. Of course you just have to do 'whatever Samsung is doing' because the support for customer #2 is pathetic -- but far from non-existent.

Perhaps your IoT project has no business using a higher end ARM SOC and you *should* be using a low end ARM Cortex M0, M3. or. M4. My preference in this space is an M3 -- STM32L, likely because I have used it successfully. However there are many options in the low power ARM space, lots of which are better targeted for IoT (or pretty much anything else with a dedicated purpose). A high end arm SOC is a 5 year old PC on single chip. HowTF is that a 'thing' for the Io 'things' ?

Kids today .. git off my lawn.

Comment 9.81 m/s^2 at sea level (Score 1) 95

9.81 m/s^2 at sea level is how I was taught.
Anything above sea level is less and below is more.
AFAIK the article is backward as reason #4 is the most obvious and reasonable while 1, 2 and 3 are trying to 'over-think' the problem ... which is the old school why is saying: Throwing straw-men at a problem with out understanding what the problem is ... aka your typical slashdot'er knee-jerk reaction to every problem in the last .. oh .. 5 years or so .. as this sight has slowly degraded into moron-o-city.
Ob: Git off my lawn ..

Comment Work For Hire (Score 1) 353

Work For Hire is what you are doing.

Your company owns the copyright on your work, not you, by default.

Additionally if you *LOOK* at your employment contract you will find that *ALL* the work you do while *EMPLOYED* by your employer is *OWNED* by your employer *INCLUDING* the work you do at while *NOT AT WORK* if the work you are doing is *RELATED IN ANY WAY* to the business your employer is in or *MAY BE CONSIDERING TO ENGAGE IN*.

And that, my friends, *is* in the boilerplate employee contract for pretty much every company large enough to have legal counsel.
You will also find a non-compete of at least 6 months, typically longer, regardless if is enforceable. Additionally there is always a patent assignment agreement (note that a patent assignment must also confer some compensation, usually $1 but some companies will offer better deals ... including a 1-5% of the profit if the patent is not used but licensed to other companies.

Apparently this is a reasonable exchange for a steady paycheck, for some ...

Comment Re:Yes... (Score 2) 809

So what are saying is that you that at your company, or the positions that you are filling, you just need warm bodies.
What you are saying, bluntly, is that you are just building a social club where people are paid to sit around and be nice.

What is funny is that when someone asks me if Bob is good candidate and my response is that Bob's a nice guy what I mean is
that Bob is a moron but he tells funny stories. Sure I like to work with Bob, but I sure a hell am not going to give Bob anything
to do that in anyway needs to be done, ever.

So Garcia, where I can I sign-up to hang out with you and the Bob's?

NB: Bob is a fictitious name used so as not to directly specify any particular Fred I happen to be working with at the moment.

Comment Re:So, does water cost more? (Score 0) 377

The simple answer is yes. Most farmers are as easily misled by advertising as most of us. MOST are making bad choices. In fact most of the Ag extensions in the land grant university system (U of MN, MI, etc) all have freely available hybrids that are selected for the areas growing conditions.
Some farmers are smart and successfully take advantage of the land grant schools. Most do not, and most farmers have failed or are underwater financially specifically because the only buy pioneer/du pont/etc.

The more you know ... the better you grow.

Comment Re:Who wants to work for Google nowadays? (Score 1) 205

And they do not even pay that well.

This is not what recent hires have told me. Do you have any (suitably anonymized) examples in mind to back up your assertion?

I would also be interested in the numbers *you* seem to have. Survey's put them at ~120-140 + benefits, which is the same as the other large companies in the general area, and only 10k more than areas where the cost of housing is less by 30k (renting) or 60k (buying).

Genius is ten percent inspiration and fifty percent capital gains.