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Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 1) 242

When coming to the US there is really one criteria above all else ... that you will return when your trip is over.
Having family (close or other wise) in the US is generally a knock against.
Showing roots outside the US is a big plus.
Having a history of coming and *going* is a big plus.
Over staying is a big NAK.

she was denied on the grounds that she didn't have close family living in the USA.

That specifically is a fabrication. The US emphatically will *never* tell you why your visa was approved or denied.

Hope this helps.

Comment Re:Leave the USA and come to Malaysia (Score 1) 464

I've been in KL but I have no idea what kind of income you could make doing software there.
You would probably be better off getting a paid in Singapore and living in Malaysia.
I know Malaysia has been getting some high tech fab work and contact mfg.

I suspect there is more software work in India ... where hardware fabrication is pretty rare (I suspect that is changing?)

Comment Re:Twin Cities (Score 1) 464

Seagate is still here ... (Bloomington and Shakopee AFAIK).

In exchange for a few bad weeks in winter you get a food and arts scene that is at least competitive with the coasts. A generally heath conscious population and a lot of outdoor activities year round. Cost of living is pretty reasonable.

Did I mention the food scene? Minneapolis' best restaurants don't have Michelin stars but they are aren't far off the mark. Lots of award winning chefs doing interesting stuff here.

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 1) 208

death in CS for half a decade .

I think you mean century.

The bulk of the sort and search work was pretty well solved by then end of the 1960s.

However due to the massive amounts of data being crunched by the likes of google these algorithms have undergone a bit a renaissance.

In the dawn of computing the data/ram ratio was massive. We didn't have gobs of either but RAM was expensive. In the late 80's through to the early 90's the ratio shifted dramatically. Outside of certain scientific computing domains your typical large data set rarely exceeded ram by an order of magnitude. Heck sorting 30k employees by name while not blinding fast with a poor choice of algorithm is still plenty fast on whatever flavor of qsort shipped with your standard library ... and since the entire problem space is in ram there is no reason to know anything more about the details.

Now when you can only hold 1% or less of your primary keys in ram ... then sorting it becomes interesting again, sort of, because you have to back digging up those old sorting schemes or re-invent them.

Comment Clearly and experiment (Score 1) 40

Still experimental but I am happy to do what I can to help in testing it :-)

Indonesia cell coverage for voice and data is pretty spotty. LTE does exist but mostly you get 3G on and off. It is always getting better, but it is a big place with rugged terrain built on volcanoes.
In the major metros you do better coverage, but it is far from blanket coverage even when driving through the capitol city of Jakarta much less the smaller villages. The further east you go the less infrastructure there is to be found. Java, Bali and Lombok (the western side anyway) all have spotty coverage. Further east it gets kinda forgotten. Not much in the way of high-speed internet or broadband out there at the moment.
Haven't been to Papau or Flores so maybe it gets better far to the east.

So I think project Loon could definitely be a piece of the puzzle there.

Comment Re:they serve a purpose (Score 3, Interesting) 439

Deals make their money from used cars. Always have, always will.
New car sales profit: $1000 over invoice at a 'no-haggle' (which is about the average paid when haggling).
If you are *really* good you can work it down to oh say $600 or $700 if they dealership is really hurting for sales.

You are *always* getting screwed on your trade-in, *always*.
Advice: never bring a car to trade it. But then it's a colossal PITA to do a private party car sale ... so YMMV.

Manufacturer makes the money on a lease .. they are doing the financing through their wholly owned subsidiary.

If you by-pass the new car dealerships you still have the used car dealerships so I don't see it as much of a win.

Comment Re:With your math skills and exorbitant expenses (Score 1) 500

It's no wonder you have problems.

Seriously, $2400 ($200/month) for 2-phone plan? Mine is $70 for two iPhones with unlimited talk, text, and shared 4G of data (we've got wi-fi everywhere so why pay for 10G or more?).

I have unlimited data, my wife has 3G / month; we are paying $25 / month each for our phones until we pay them off; then we pay extra for an international plan to call her family in Brazil. Our phone bill varies between $180 and $235 per month.

Use google voice for Brazil (any android phone works great). Voice for international call is pretty seamless so a very minimal behavior change to save a ton money.
With all the cash you save you can buy you next phones for cash and save the financing, even switch to Fi (or other MVNO) save even more.

And $100/month for the triple play is not bad, but that adds up to only $1200, not the $5200 you deducted for it.

That's what I get for trying to do math before my caffeine.

And if you can't afford all the expenses of having a kid on top of the other things you're spending on, perhaps you ought rethink the decision to have one. Or maybe you could cut the TV and landline if you need to buy diapers.

Comment Re:Small Details Matter - Consider the study group (Score 1) 428

Selecting only for sugar, regardless of calorie intake, makes for a massive shift in health indicators.

Humans simply have not evolved to handle the amount of sugar that is available in our diets today. Modern diets and processed foods, even honey and fresh juices, just have far more bio-available sugars that can be metabolized for an extended period of time. Add fat to the sugar it because a deadly combo so controlling for fat will extend the amount of time you can maintain a high sugar diet. Kill the sugar and you can basically have all the fat you want because you body will go back to burning it for energy.

Comment Re:We've already known this for over 40 years. (Score 2) 428

The news here isn't that it is a new revelation which it is not. The news here is that this is mainstream media publicity. It means that something will be done. Of course the first thing something will be the sugar lobby maligning the study and spinning it every direction. If the sugar lobby is successful this will be forgotten and never brought up again. If the sugar lobby fails then several things may happen. Such as public support for sugar subsidies could finally fall. Processed foods could reduce sugar (from the 'bliss point') and/or FDA regulation adding sugar content to the existing packaging nutritional details.

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