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Comment: Im a union rep (Score 1) 159

by voss (#47400781) Attached to: The AI Boss That Deploys Hong Kong's Subway Engineers

If they started replacing management with expert systems that gave us
a) Increased autonomy
b) more pay (fewer managers and less dead weight at the top has to mean a few more dollars available for the rest of us)
c) Fewer stupid irrational decisions made for political reasons

Not only would you not hear a peep.
The computer would probably get presents on boss'es day.

Comment: Not free speech (Score 1) 284

by voss (#46952795) Attached to: Russia Quietly Passes Anti-Blogger Law

Its not free speech to make videos on behalf of organizations that are at war with the United States calling for the murder of american citizens and actively recruiting enemy soldiers. He essentially put on the uniform of the enemy and was hanging out with his al queda buddies in area of active conflict. You dont have to charge a known enemy soldier with a crime to kill him on a battlefield even if hes "only working in the PR department".

Comment: Anwar Al-Awlaki was not a blogger (Score 2) 284

by voss (#46941557) Attached to: Russia Quietly Passes Anti-Blogger Law

He was a senior recruiter for Al Queda and actively involved in terrorist plots against the US and actively making propaganda for an organization at war with the United States. Our only mistake is that we didn't strip of his citizenship when he was caught by Yemen participating in an Al Queda plot to kidnap the US military attache. He was at large for 4 years, if he felt he was wrongly accused why not get a lawyer and arrange to turn himself in. Its not like he couldnt call the FBI anytime he wanted an arranged to be picked up. The Yemeni government offered to not even turn him over to the US if he would turn himself in.

Comment: This was not a false claim (Score 2) 196

This was an issue of Indmusic having a deal with Tunecore to monetize music published through its service. If you didnt publish your music
through tunecore then its not an issue. Your brother needs to read the TOS and decide if Tunecores uses of your brothers rights is what he wants.

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