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Comment Austerity.... (Score 1) 1307

Austerity itself is the problem. The problem Europe has now is not hyperinflation its DEFLATION. The deflation in greece is the worst in europe. You cant pay off debts and grow your economy with 25% unemployment and negative gdp growth, In greeces case they have to make their exports cheaper through currency devaluation but they cant do that with the euro.

Comment Re: Nothing that money can't buy (Score 5, Informative) 65

The natives of hawaii were never given a choice. Hawaii was annexed by force. Puerto Rico was also annexed but has been offered independence and turned it down. By the time the statehood vote was taken, mass numbers of non-hawaiians had moved to the state and become residents and the only vote offered was either statehood or territory.

Comment It the consumers that drive the market (Score 1) 152

If the consumer wants to keep their robot around the parts will be there much like you can still get parts
for cars made in the 1980s. As patents expire robot parts for mass produced robots will be made by secondary sources.
Sentimental attachment to a sentient being would be far stronger than attachment to a preprogrammed toy.

Comment Re:What if.... (Score 1) 190

Thats not what he did, instead he was bragging in public about he could he could hack a plane and alter engine control messages posting tweets such as "pass oxygen on" and he was getting on a plane again...If I were an fbi agent id pull him off the flight myself. Now after the fact cooler heads should have prevailed and im sure the FBI and Boeing ought to be willing to listen to him.. On the other hand If he had done what you had said I would be completely sympathetic.

Comment In other words (Score 1) 2

Poor conditions lead to the spread of disease among animals...and this is news? Perhaps Iowa farmers ought to agree to improve the conditions of their farms before asking for a Federal bailout. The same Sen. Pat Roberts that opposed affordabla care act now wants federal funding for chickencare.

Submission + - Penn State yanks engineering network from Internet after China-based attack (

coondoggie writes: Penn State’s College of Engineering has disconnected its network from the Internet in response to two sophisticated cyberattacks – one from a what the university called a “threat actor based in China” – in an attempt to recover all infected systems. The university said there was no indication that research data or personal information was stolen in the attacks though usernames and passwords had been compromised.

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