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Comment: Not necessarily (Score 1) 732

by voss (#46737611) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

We actually had events happen that killed 40 to 50% of the population, its called a plague. These unrealistic scenarios happened every 500 years or so. Even in our modern society if a plague kills so many that medical infrastructure is overwhelmed you can have a vaccine available but lack the means to distribute it or the quantity necessary to vaccinate most of the population.

Comment: Try reading beyond the subject line (Score 1) 447

by voss (#46733209) Attached to: Commenters To Dropbox CEO: Houston, We Have a Problem

You might actually try reading something other than the subject line. In any event you dont get appointed
to major boards because rich people like you...okay well not most board members. Most board members
of major corporations usually are recruited for some expertise they bring to the board in Condi Rices case
im guessing government and education.

board members dont make day to day decisions thats the job of the Chief Executive Officer.

If your asking what shes done competently, she was the provost of stanford and served competently on several corporate boards before this.

I don't agree with her politics but your politics are not relevant when you join a board of directors you assume a legal duty to the company.
including a duty of confidentiality and a fidiuciary duty.

Like I said I dont agree with her political decisions, I voted for Bill Clinton twice, Al Gore once and Obama twice, but the idea that Condi Rice is some sort of trojan horse in dropbox is laughable.

Comment: Condi Rice is legitimate choice (Score 1, Insightful) 447

by voss (#46732995) Attached to: Commenters To Dropbox CEO: Houston, We Have a Problem

I say that as a Democrat. I also say its legitimate to question her appointment for policy based reasons.
Brandon Eich was ousted for social policy reasons not directly tied into the day to day functioning of the board.
That was a board decision to force him to resign.

Dropbox and privacy are core to its mission. Condi Rice has served on several boards of directors including Hewlett Packard, Chevron and the Rand corporation
shes professional and experienced. Shes not going to sell dropbox out to the NSA and she brings experience with these issues to the board. She understands who shes working for and is loyal to her employer. She may be an attack dog but shes a loyal well trained attack dog and thats what dropbox sees in her.

If you dont want her appointed for past policy based reasons then thats acceptable but someone needs to take a deep breath and calm the hysteria.

Comment: Mozilla is a 501 c(3) corporation (Score 1) 1112

by voss (#46698273) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

A court may actually decide that Non-profits can terminate employees for activities "incompatible with and adversely impacting
  the mission and purpose of the organization."

If California wants to make a test case....Im sure a lot of people would love to take this to Federal court.

Comment: Re:Interesting Quote (Score 1) 1112

by voss (#46697953) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

Well im sure a lawyer could argue that

a) He wasnt forced to resign

b) even if he was forced to resign. The reason he was forced to resign was that he lost the confidence of the board and the employees and could no longer manage the company regardless of the reason and thats the argument Baker made.

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