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Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 571

She doesnt have to "get her message out there", Trump doesnt have enough money to persuade democrats and independents to vote for him.
He has a hard core support of 30% of the electorate while pretty much everyone else who isnt a hard core right wing type loathes him.
As long as shes not indicted this is not a long term issue and the classified stuff wasnt classified when she sent it. Constitution? Ex post facto clause? anybody?

Comment If I were iran I wouldnt either (Score 2) 229

The US planes may be better in many respects but with US domestic politics as unstable as it is...who knows if the US would let them buy the planes.
However I would expect Iran Air to order a lot of spare parts for the 7 747 boeing planes it already owns and perhaps purchase additional boeing planes on the open market (there are plenty available).

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