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Comment: Re:crash faster (Score 1) 563

by vonart (#40768831) Attached to: Windows 8 Graphics: Microsoft Has Hardware-Accelerated Everything
I know that Lotus Notes causes this issue on my work computer. (Yes, yes, I know it's a horrible thing to run but I've no choice in the matter). Killing the Notes process always made it all work again. I'm not sure *what* it's doing, but I know that it's Lotus that's doing it. It's annoying as all get out, too.

Comment: Re:Never going to happen (Score 1) 932

by vonart (#36039762) Attached to: Draft Proposal Would Create Agency To Tax Cars By the Mile
Bullocks. Truckers pay tax on diesel the same as anyone else buying diesel. The 'tax exempt only' prices are for off-road diesel (farm tractors, generators, refrigeration units and so-on). Trucking fuel tax is a bit more complicated though, as one must pay fuel tax to the states they operate in, not just in the state they purchased the fuel. Look up IFTA for more information.

Comment: Re:Forward thinkers (Score 1) 506

by vonart (#33676070) Attached to: When the Senate Tried To Ban Dial Telephones

Yeah, but honestly, the alarm gate doesn't stop those people either. They zip right out. I wonder what the value is of one of those things that they're nabbed so often...

The scanners seem to be just set up to show something at random that's on sale. It'd be nice if it was related to where I was, but it'd be even nicer if it'd just shut up and leave me alone hehe.

Comment: Re:Forward thinkers (Score 1) 506

by vonart (#33674000) Attached to: When the Senate Tried To Ban Dial Telephones

There is a chain of stores in the US, Stop & Shop, that is doing what you describe for self-checkout now. It's much much more convenient than the regular self checkouts here. I wish more stores would take that up, though from what I'm told, there's a lot of people stealing the hand scanners... ...and annoyingly, the hand scanners every so often make a "ka-ching" noise and show some special on the screen they're having. It's loud and unwelcome. It's still better than the regular system, though.

+ - Is Low-Tech High-Tech?

Submitted by bluefoxlucid
bluefoxlucid writes: I've been wrestling with questions of sustainability of our society for quite some time now. I'm not talking about global warming, or peak oil (or wood), or the imminent outgassing of the gulf when the sea floor cracks and spills doomsday quantities of methane into the atmosphere. I'm talking about actually being able to survive our own technology. In this vein, I've come to consider the merits of pursuing a more low-tech social structure, mainly starting from the education level. This includes everything from teaching students slide-rules, Suhnpan math, and a selection of generalized mental arithmetic strategies to encouraging the adoption of such simple things as home-baking bread and grooming with old-style razors (straight, double-edge, with brush and soap) and toothbrushes (boar bristle). My major worry is that the acceleration of a high-tech society will deteriorate when we completely distance ourselves from a low-tech world that requires--or allows--us to use things we understand, as simple as a toothbrush made of materials not produced in a lab or as complex as the baking of bread and how an egg affects the texture. After that, innovation becomes difficult and the general population atrophies due to inability to deal with the world with more than a caveman's level of understanding of anything we touch--who here knows how electric toothbrushes magically charge? Are there any philosophers or social scientists out there already considering the question of Peak Technology?

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