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Comment Re:Steve Jobs WAS handicapped, moron. (Score 1) 760 760

His crime was parking in a handicapped spot *without approved signage*. If he didn't want his medical affairs out in the open, he should have parked in a normal spot instead of doing like Wesley "laws don't apply to me" Snipes.

Comment hm. (Score 5, Insightful) 289 289

om the original article:
“I’m Catholic; we do not contracept,” Ms. Smith said. “It is a grave sin.” By including those pages in the curriculum, she added, “you have violated my religious rights.”

“I’m American; we do not censor education,” vomitology said. “It is a grave sin.” By removing those pages in the curriculum, he added, “you have violated children's educational rights.”


Comment Re:Is it open source yet? (Score 0, Troll) 124 124

That whole 'if it's not FOSS I can't trust it' line is mostly bull. Unless you know how to de-compile the code and eye read it, it doesn't matter *what* the license is, you still have to trust that whoever wrote it does what it says it does, and nothing more. And if you can, well... carry on. ( :

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