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Comment: Re:The real problem with BSD (Score 1) 143

by vomitology (#44860017) Attached to: Feature-Rich FreeBSD 10 Alpha Released
Sorry, didn't know I needed to source my opinion. I've tried several versions of both Free- and PC-, I've tried to get help on official forums, a few Google Groups, and some of the larger IRCs. I did read the Handbook. It did help with installation, but it wasn't much help getting my Broadcom wireless working.

Where shall I submit my sworn affidavit and list of personal references?

Comment: Re:ecigs not really a good thing... (Score 1) 314

by vomitology (#44795011) Attached to: Research Shows E-Cigs Might Be As Good For Quitting As Nicotine Patches
I don't think anyone is actually saying e-cigs are a good thing, just that (compared to 'analog smokes) they are a better thing. I've been using e-cigs myself for about a year, and I concur with most of the previous anecdotes; I smell better (in both ways), I feel better, and I'm saving money.

Anyone who blindly says "e-cigs are healthy, great and fun!" is an idiot. E-Cigs and analog cigs are like American politics; neither is actually good, one is just less bad.

Comment: Layman Alert! (Score 1) 107

by vomitology (#44733111) Attached to: Taking the Battle Against Patent Trolls To the Public
Seems to me there's an easy fix. In order to hold a patent, you must demonstrably make, sell, support or otherwise profit from whatever the patent is for*. That incentivizes patent owners to use them for more than bargaining chips, and discourages people from hoovering up patents with only the intent to troll.

* 'Profit' does not include litigation.

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No laws means that consequences are pretty much impossible, as there's nothing to violate to incur consequenses on. And people generally know their version of right and wrong; there's dozens of concepts from Sharia to Poligamy to Homosexuality that many people are absolutely convinced are 'right', and just as many absolutely convinced are 'wrong'; who's to say which is correct? 'Do what thou will' may look good on paper, but there's simply way too many loopholes...

The only thing cheaper than hardware is talk.