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Comment: A *single* photon? (Score 1) 347

by volpe (#47316131) Attached to: Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

Can a single photon turn into an electron/positron pair? I didn't think this was possible because a photon has no rest frame, whereas an e-/p+ pair always would. Thus, in the inertial frame in which the pair has no momentum (the "center of momentum" frame), the photon would still have momentum. Thus, momentum would not be conserved. You need two photons moving in different directions for the pair of photons to have a center-of-momentum frame in which their momenta cancel each other out.

Comment: Re:Um.... (Score 1) 562

by volpe (#45740191) Attached to: Police Pull Over More Drivers For DNA Tests

I'm glad my beloved grandfather and great uncles are gone, they fought against fascism in WWII and this kind of gestapo shit would disgust the hell out of them. I could probably wrap his body in some copper wire and run my entire neighborhood from all the revolutions he's turning in his grave.

I wish I had a chance to know your beloved grandfather and great uncles. You know, back when they were walking magnets.

Comment: Re:Photon model broken (Score 1) 364

I But what if it is also moving and/or turning/rotating on/along one or more axis. How would we perceive that?

Perhaps as a cosmic centrifugal force that causes galaxies to fly apart from each other, interpreted as a cosmological constant causing the expansion of space itself? Oh, wait...

APL hackers do it in the quad.