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Comment Re:Unfair comparison (Score 1) 447

Because research has shown placebo's do have in fact, while small, a significant effect on health.

We know this already, and your response does not answer the question that was posed to you, which was, "Why is it unfair to do the SAME COMPARISON THAT MODERN MEDICINE is put to?" [emphasis mine].

Comment Re:Hash Collision (Score 1) 790

There are less than 2^33 people in the world. Most of them probablly don't use google but lets assume that they do. Further lets make a wild ass guess that each one has 2^17 files in googles database (from some googling i'm pretty sure this is an overestimate). That would mean a total of 2^40 files.

Check your arithmetic.

Comment A *single* photon? (Score 1) 347

Can a single photon turn into an electron/positron pair? I didn't think this was possible because a photon has no rest frame, whereas an e-/p+ pair always would. Thus, in the inertial frame in which the pair has no momentum (the "center of momentum" frame), the photon would still have momentum. Thus, momentum would not be conserved. You need two photons moving in different directions for the pair of photons to have a center-of-momentum frame in which their momenta cancel each other out.

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