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Comment: Re:and? (Score 0) 250

by volovski (#48290185) Attached to: Free Broadband For NYC Public Housing?
NotSanguine, I do not mind you , democ-rat party, libs paying the added cost for ISP service for those victims of oppressive USA system. I do not mind if you work to hours a day to pay for it or getting a 2nd job. If NYC , NY or USA mandate us to pay ISP services, COMCAST will pass on the cost to the rest of us. You can also take a loan if you want to pay for their FREE ISP service.

Comment: Re:and? (Score 1, Insightful) 250

by volovski (#48288847) Attached to: Free Broadband For NYC Public Housing?
Will you be writing a check Payable to NYC Housing dept ? Will you be writing a check Payable for DemCare Obamacare ? Will you be writing a check Payable for ObamaPhone BidenPhones ? If USA has 11-34 million UNDOCUMENTED workers ( 318 million est. pop. in USA) will you write a check for them too ? Call me names if I do not agree ? Will you be telling us how we should spend our money because COMCAST will pass the cost on to USA taxpayers.

Comment: Obamaphone ,Obamacare DemCare, ObamaHouse (Score 0) 250

by volovski (#48288801) Attached to: Free Broadband For NYC Public Housing?
When I did not have an ISP I went to the Library , and coffee houses. McD has connections in some restaurants. Can you give me free ISP ? 11 million UNDOCUMENTED workers as DEMS call them will need free ISP too. Actually I heard it could be 34 million UNDOCUMENTED workers. So if 34 million (illegals) will ask 318 million USA citizens to flip the bill ? This is coming to all states under President Obama ? Comcast will tax the working USA taxpayers to make up cost. Do you think we can take in all the poor of the world if there are 7000 million in the world. 318 million in USA est. pop. without UNDOCUMENTED (illegal) citizens as Democrats call them. WE can take this further: demHouse demPhone demObamacare demISP demEBT demSNAP demCAR demCashforclunker demFreeSolarPanels

Comment: Re:No Assembler? (Score 1) 294

by volovski (#47652545) Attached to: The Technologies Changing What It Means To Be a Programmer
I agree. The IT managers think everything is a web App. They like buzzwords. They buzz like bees with agile - creating metrics, charts, graphs, slides, meetings for meetings. Can we outsource the Troll managers ? Or insource the troll managers. Maybe have 3 managers where 1 is needed ? Or a study for a study. Tell your managers and InfoWorld the wrong info so they skrew themselves- they will not know the difference.

Real Users find the one combination of bizarre input values that shuts down the system for days.