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Comment Re:Aaaaand.. (Score 4, Informative) 248

Woah there Hoss. Not so sure about that. We regularly hear about ridiculous crunches and there are plenty of IT workers being treated like crap by management through offshoring, sick leave abuse, holiday abuse or whatever. I recently had to sign a contract with a previous employer that threatened to sack me if I called in ill with a stress or mental related condition. Now that' clearly unenforceable but that's the kind of shit they pull.

I can see why there'd be a tension between someone who can make out alright and someone on the lower rungs of the ladder, but managers are managers and workers are workers and wherever that differential exists, the former will always try and abuse the latter.

Comment Re:No. Human or machine, it's a fallacy (Score 1) 748

Having everybody ignore the rules and not change them is the worst possible outcome.

And yet, it's what we have.

Driving is a complex mix of the statutory, the habitual and the negotiated. Getting a car to obey the first is the easy part. Good luck with the other two. Especially the third. When a driver flashes his lights at you at a junction, what do you do?

The real world is messy and the corner cases kill you. If you're fortunate, you work in an industry where that's metaphor. If you're unlucky you work in an industry where that's a literal truth.

Comment Re:Consider the progression (Score 5, Insightful) 735

4) Accept that living in a free society with free ideas means that some people are going to get the hump and shoot up the place from time to time. You can't legislate against nutjobs with guns. What you can do, perhaps, is to both win the ideological argument and make it harder for said nutjobs to get guns.

Comment Re:Good Advice (Score 1) 370

It's not a fair fear because the idea that the numbers of these alleged malicious women are so high that it would require the extraordinary need to never be alone with any woman is ridiculous. And no, refusing to be alone with women at a technical conference is not a win-win for everybody, particularly where that means women are excluded from many of the activities you go to a technical conference for. It is just not a reasonable fear if you are not actually harassing women.

Comment Re: Really? (Score -1, Troll) 965

Yeah, and no-one whined about people making their feelings heard either. Take your butthurt back to someone who cares. The headline was inappropriate which is why it's been changed. A lot of people have been murdered. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect an international news site not to be a dick about it.

Comment Re:The contriversial parts in brief. (Score 2) 115

Perhaps the biggest argument I've often made for this is the fact that every single time there is a fucking terrorist attack in the West, it turns out that the perpetrator was known to security services.

While I agree with your sentiment, the corollary to that is just how many people are known to the security services? How many people do they try and recruit? We're turning into East Germany in the 1970s except that we have better technology and we're actually voting the fuckers in.

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