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Comment: Re:Poorly worded (Score 1) 501

by vodkamattvt (#15935520) Attached to: Wiretap Ruling Threatens Telecoms
The supreme court has continually ruled that the press enjoys no more protections, constitutionally, than the average citizen. In addition it has continually ruled that confidential sources are NOT constitutionally protected. The privledges that lawyers receive is one that comes from the common law, not constitutional law, and is quite different. Some states provide the press with exra RIGHTS, for example onto a crime scene. But constitutionally the press is not protected anymore than the average citizen.

Also, the argument that there is no right to privacy in the constitution is getting ridiculous. I hear this all the time, and yet there have been countless cases decided in courts over the past 30 years that recognize a very real implicit right to privacy. Most famous example .. see ROE v WADE ..

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