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Comment: Re:yea, this is clear, but what about.... (Score 1) 236

by vocaro (#32769360) Attached to: Plagiarism Inc.

4. I 'hire' (read: give the honor of doing my research) master's students to run my experiments / write code.
5. I 'hire' (read: give the honor of doing my research) phd students to draw conclusions on those experiments

Whenever I helped my professor with his research, I always shared co-author credit on his publications, hence no plagiarism. I would imagine this is standard practice throughout the world.

Comment: Re:Probably the most significant Latino in Star Tr (Score 2, Informative) 280

by vocaro (#26461319) Attached to: Ricardo Montalban Dead At 88

Mr. Montalban was probably the most significant Latino in Star Trek.

I assume you're referring to the characters, not the actors, since you cite Chekov as a Russian. Khan was not Latino; he was a Sikh from northern India.


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