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+ - Osama raid reveals secret helicopter->

Submitted by vmaxxxed
vmaxxxed (734128) writes "I would just like to say that there are lots of things the government is not saying about the raid an that the few photographs released do not agree with the official story in details. I don’t doubt that Osama was killed, but Obama used many interesting us military resources not known before, making the raid even more impressive.

For starters:

* First that tail is of no know helicopter

* That is no hard landing. I'm a pilot, the pilot didn’t see the fence and landed over it. Pretty clean on obvious. There's no other way the tail is in one side of the fence and the helo in the other.

* Add the number of people reportedly involved plus the captured personnel. -> They wont fit in 1 black hawk !!

* Look at the destroyed helo its disintegrated. At list from a 500lb bomb. Helos don’t carry that kind of bomb. There were planes involved and were also not detected, though there are reports of people hearing an airplane. Either a B-2, B-1 or something also participated in the operation.

Two lonely blackhawks did all that sure

What do you think ??"

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